Letters and Testimony

April 2024

March 2024 FOSC Advocacy 9801 Georgia KG testimony 24.03.07

March 2024 MCDOT response to FOSC letter regarding excessive salt application 3.2024

March 2024 FOSC Salt letter to MD Dept of Transp. State Highway Admin and MD Dept. of the Environment 3.5.2024

March 2024 FOSC Advocacy Excessive Salt Ltr to MoCo DOT, DEP, Parks 2024.03.03

March 2024 FY25 MoCo Budget Request Ltr_MoCoForestCoalition

February 2024 HB0864_Energy Efficiency & Conservation Plans_Climate Coalition MoCo_FAV Signed on

February 2024 9801 Georgia Avenue M-NCPPC File Number

November 2023 FOSC CB 40-23 Tree Fee

November 2023 CB 40-23 SUPPORT

September 2023 Technical comments on Takoma Park Draft MMPA – Adventist University site by Paul Chrostowski

September 2023 MMPA FOSC written testimony 9.1.2023

August 2023 AStorm-AWPN-SSMoCo comments 8.25.2023

August 2023 Charting a Course to 2025 – Response FINAL from the Clean Water Coalition

August 2023 County Council letter re TP MMPA 9.10.2023 from Paul Chrostowski

April 2023 Commentary: Landscape workers’ health is at risk in Montgomery County Baltimore Sun reader commentary

March 2023 Letter to DPF re Royal Farms Purchase of Sunoco Station Concept Plan for site on GA Ave at Beltway

March 2023 State HB 1089 Recycling Refund & Litter Reduction Program

March 2023 HB 942 SWPN Informational letter to House Transp. and Environ. Committee

Dec 2022 Leaf Blowers and California’s Zero Emission Rule

Dec 2022 MC.PG 107-23 Zoning Fairness Testimony Dan Smith 12.15.22

Dec 2022 FOSC to MoCo Council regarding the Anacostia trail

Oct 2022 SE-4846 Appeal and Request for Oral Argument Royal Farms

Aug 2022 FOSC Silver Spring Intl Middle School Testimony MoCo Planning Board 8.30.2022

Aug 2022 FOSC Royal Farms letter to PG Planning Board 8.2022

Aug 2022 Testimony Royal Farms proposal in PG County by FOSC 8.3.22

July 2022 Reforestation among best ways to mitigate climate change – published in Bethesda Beat Magazine

June 2022 I-495 and I-270 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) review period extension letter

May 2022 NNWB comments on Wheaton Regional Park Master Plan update 2022

April 2022 ANS letter to Dernoga & Taveras of the PG County Council 4-22-22

April 2022 FOSC testimony to the Planning Commission on their Forest Conservation bill 4.28.2022

April 2022 Conservation Montgomery – Montgomery County Tree and Forest Laws Handout

March 2022 Letter supporting State Senate Bill 292: Producer Responsibility in Packaging

March 2022 Comment Submitted to Dept of the Interior re Inclusion of Synturf in the America the Beautiful Initiative

March 2022 SWPN FY23 CIP Budget Testimony

February 2022 SB0321 FAVORABLE Comment from Friends of Sligo Creek Feb 2, 2022 hearing

February 2022 Testimony supporting full funding for Parks’ Capital budget

February 2022 Letter to MDOT and Parks on Erosion of the Sligo Creek Trail below the Carroll Ave Bridge

January 2022 FOSC testimony monitor synturf, HB 131

Dec 2021 SWPN letter re final MS4 determination 12-3-21

Nov 2021 FOSC testimony on the SDEIS to MDOT on Beltway expansion 21.11.04

Nov 2021 Sierra Club et al SDEIS Comments

Nov 2021 FOSC Montgomery Delegation Testimony on session priorities

Oct 2021 Climate Action Letter to Councilmember Hucker

Oct 2021 CAP Coalition Climate Actions Summary

Aug 2021 FOSC President Letter to Army Corps of Engineers supporting removal of fish blockages in Sligo and NW Branch

July 2021 Group Letter to Prince George’s TPB re removal of I-495 & I-270 expansion from Visualize 2045 7.9.2021

July 2021 Stormwater Partners Comments on the Thrive 2050 Planning Board Draft Plan

April 2021 Stormwater Partners Network (SWPN) MoCo FY22 Operating Budget Testimony

April 2021 Chesapeake Bay Proclamation by the County Council

April 2021 Chesapeake Bay Week Proclamation Presentation to the County Council4.20.2021

March 2021 FOSC Parks Budget Testimony MoCo Council 03.2021

March 2021 Support for SB 843- MDOT Promises Act

March 2021 SWPN Climate Action Plan Letter

February 2021 FOSC Supports MD Plastic Bag Bill (HB314/SB223)

January 2021 Stormwater Partners Network Comments on 2020 MS4 Draft Phase I Permit for MoCo

January 2021 Letter expressing support for MD SB 414: Climate Solutions Now Act from a coalition of watershed and other environmental groups

January 2021 update: DEP’s response to the FOSC Stormwater Committee letter

January 2021 Wheaton Branch Flood Mitigation Comments to DOT from Stormwater Chair Elaine Lamirande

January 2021 Letter to Chairman Barve, MD House Committee on Environment and Transportation, on reporting HB80, Replacing Trees Lost Along the Purple Line Route, out of Committee

December 2020 Letter to the Board of Public Works on the Purple Line Settlement and MTA funding

November 2020 SierraClub + 49 other groups’ comments and analysis of Draft EIS for Beltway Widening

October 2020 FOSC Proposal for Wheaton Branch Ponds

September 2020 FOSC writtten testimony to Hearing Examiner against Abandonment of Ellsworth Drive in DTSS #2

September 2020 FOSC writtten testimony to Hearing Examiner against Abandonment of Ellsworth Drive in DTSS #1

August 2020 Thrive Montgomery Community Outreach Sign-on letter

July 2020 EJ For All Act signed letter

July 2020 SWPN Letter – Forest Conservation Regulations and Ephemeral Streams_Final

June 2020 FOSC Ellsworth Synturf MoCo Planning Board testimony 20.06.18

April 2020 Final Comments to MoCo DPS on Adoption of 2018 International Green Construction Code

April 2020 Reject Plastic Surfacing for Ellsworth Drive Letter to Casey Anderson et al

March 2020 Testimony to MoCo Board of Education re: Sligo Elementary Relocation to Parkside Site

February 2020 Choose Clean Water House CJS FY21 Final

February 2020 Choose Clean Water FY21 House Int Appropriations Final #1

January 2020 FOSC Testimony on the CIP Budget re Parks 2020

January 2020 Fenton Village Bike and Pedestrian Projects

December 2019 Concerns abut beltway widening

November 2019 Board of Public Works re: Beltway Widening

October 2019 Letter to Peterson Companies re Synthetic Plastic Carpet on Ellsworth Drive

June 2019 Letter to Washington Adventist University, Patrick Farley re Wash. Adventist Hospital Development and Stormwater Issues

May 2019 Testimony to MD Board of Public Works re: Concerns About Beltway Expansion

August 2018 Testimony to City of Takoma Park on Preserving Dorothy’s Woods

June 2018 Testimony to Montgomery County Council on Road Salt

April 2018 Testimony to Montgomery County Council on CIP Funding Stormwater Projects

March 18, 2018 Comments on Road Salt to Montgomery County Council

January 2018 Testimony to MTA on Beltway Expansion

September 14, 2017 Testimony to Park and Planning Commission to support using Silver Spring as one of the Pilot Areas of the Energized Public Spaces

July 21, 2016 Testimony to MC Council On Bill 28-16

July 14, 2016 Letter to MC Council on Wheaton Branch Improvement

May 4, 2016 Letter to MC Council on Bill 11-16

February 23, 2016 Response to Letter to MC Council on Parks Budget

February 10, 2016 Letter to MC Council on Parks Budget 2016

December 11, 2014 President Welcomes the new Park Director – Mike Riley

December 10, 2014 Letter to MC Council on Unnecessary Pesticides

July 9, 2014 FOSC Purple Line Coalition letter

November 3, 2013 Email to MC Council on Bag Fee Rule November 2013

May 5, 2013 Email to MC Council on Bag Free Rule May 2013

April 23, 2013 Letter to MC Council on Chelsea School Site

April 3, 2013 Letter to MC Council on Bill 34-12

February 22, 2013 Letter sent to the MC Planning Board on developing gas station at Wheaton Plaza

January 16, 2013 Letter to County Council on Protecting Trees in MC

June 7, 2011 Email to County Council on Artificial Turf

May 31, 2011 Email to MC Council on Artificial Turf

May 13, 2011 Letter to Chairman Berliner on Artificial Turf

April 13, 2010 Letter to MC Council on Parks Budget 2011

April 8, 2010 E-mail to MC Council on Costco filling station in Wheaton and a reply from George Leventhal

April 5, 2010 Testimony and e-mails to MC Council on Parks in the 2011 operating budget

March and April, 2010 Email sent to local delegates and senators concerning not rolling back the Stormwater Act of 2007

March 13, 2010 Letter supporting litter hotline

January 21, 2010 E-mail on plastic litter to local delegates and senators

November 15, 2007 Testimony of Friends of Sligo Creek President concerning acquiring the campus of the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College through the Legacy Open Space program

March 1, 2006 Letter to Maryland DoEnv March 2006