Report a Plant or Animal Sighting

In May of 2020, FOSC moved reporting of Animal/Plant sightings in Sligo to iNaturalist, an online social network for naturalists and scientists that collects nature reports from all over the world. Working with local naturalist Stephen Davies, the Fauna and Flora of the Sligo Creek Watershed project now lists more than 550 observers making more than 8,500 observations of nearly 1,500 species of plants, mammals, birds, frogs, salamanders, snakes, and insects in Sligo.

Reporting your animal or plant sighting on iNaturalist. It’s quick and easy…learn how here. On iNaturalist, you can view the reports as either a grid (with large photos) or as a compact list. Using the search box, you can find individual species (such as “Monarch butterfly”) or groups of organisms (such as “butterflies”) or select pre-established filters for various types of plants or animals.

Bird sightings in the Sligo watershed can be added to eBird (instead of or in addition to your posting on the iNaturalist Fauna and Flora of the Sligo Creek Watershed project.) The FOSC Sightings on eBird page has instructions for reporting Sligo sightings on eBird.

FOSC’s archives of animal and plant sightings from 2014-2018 continue to be available in the FOSC Sightings Archive. We will be adding all the reported sightings through 2019 and the first 5 months of 2020 to the Archive in the coming months.