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Friends of Sligo Creek (FOSC) offers events year round in support and appreciation of Sligo Creek and adjacent parkland. Litter clean-up and invasive plant clear-out events are among the most popular FOSC activities in the spring, summer and fall. FOSC also sponsors guided outdoor explorations of different aspects of Sligo Creek flora and fauna. A wide variety of other programs throughout the year educate neighbors and users of the park about Sligo Creek’s strengths and challenges. FOSC also monitors the creek, advocating for civic policies that will support a healthier Sligo.

FOSC invites you to visit the creek, volunteer at an upcoming event, attend a program, advocate for the Creek, and join FOSC.

Bird Walk – Identifying Sligo’s Birds in Spring FOSC will host a bird walk on Sat April 15th, 8:00 – 10:00am. Experienced birders Mary Singer and David Blockstein will lead the walk. See the Calendar of Events page for more info and to RSVP. The number of participants is limited.

Mark your calendars – the Spring Sweep the Creek will take place on Sat April 22nd and Sun April 23rd. Details are coming at the beginning of April.

News & Updates

MOCO forests need your help by Tuesday

Council to Vote this Tuesday March 21 on the Forest Conservation Bill

FOSC and many other non-profits have been working to strengthen Montgomery County’s existing Forest Conservation Law. A proposed update to the existing law would […]

Introducing the Sligo Garden Program

Sorry, the program sold out fast! Stay tuned for opportunities for stormwater garden tours, and more kits and consults in 2024.
In the meantime, be […]


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Sligo Creek connects us. Please Join FOSC and help protect and restore the Creek for everyone in our community. It’s simple to do and can be free if you wish.

You can make a donation too, either online (simple and secure) or by check to FOSC, P.O. Box 11572, Takoma Park, MD 20913. Thank you!

FOSC Action Hub

Sligo Creek Water WatchDog mascot

Report water pollution ASAP!
Send an email to:

[email protected]

You play an important role protecting Sligo. Please report any pollution you see in the creek or heading into a storm drain ASAP, with photos, which help County investigators.

Last winter’s results and our interpretation of them are on the Water Quality Salt Monitoring page.
Salt tester Allan Rogers shows how it's done!

SaltWatch tester Allan Rogers shows how it's done!

Running Bamboo is a problem invasive species in Sligo Creek park. A new Bill in Annapolis, HB 0090, Control of Running Bamboo, would require property owners to keep running bamboo from spreading to adjoining properties or a public right-of-way. Violations would carry a fine of up to $50 for a first offense, and up to $200 for a second offense. Maximum fines could not exceed $3,000 under the bill.

Bamboo is legal to sell in Maryland. The proposed legislation would require nurseries to label two species of NNI bamboo as tier 2 invasive though they could still be sold. If passed, this legislation would be a first step in addressing the sale of NNI plants in MD. Please tell your state delegate to support this bill.

Autumn forest of tall trees with leaves turning yellow, orange, and brown.FOSC Advocacy has been an active partner with the MoCo Forest Conservation Coalition to craft a bill to strengthen protection of MoCo’s remaining forests. Now, the full Council will consider the bill Tuesday, March 21. Please write to the full County Council expressing your support of the bill before the 21st.

For more information about the issue and the bill, and to get more information to write your own testimony, go to the Nature Forward (Audubon Naturalist Society) blog. You can use FOSC’s own written testimony as a guide for yours.

Graphic of proposed downtown Silver Spring redesign of Ellsworth DriveStill pending! Find out why FOSC opposes synthetic turf on Ellsworth Drive in DTSS. Write the County Executive to oppose abandonment of Ellsworth Drive unless healthy alternatives are used. Write to Marc Elrich, Montgomery County Executive.

Recent Videos

Out now: Skunk Cabbage

See many more on the FOSC Youtube Channel

Winter 2023 Top Invasives

Emerging Invasive: Italian Arum

Italian Arum is one of the new EDRR (Early Detection, Rapid Response) invasive species. It has many little “daughter corms” attached to its main corm which makes it difficult to remove completely. Dig it out carefully. Screen the loosened soil for small “daughter” corms. There is some evidence that spraying with glyphosate is effective at killing all its corms.

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Pine Siskins at Wheaton Branch Ponds by Stephen Davies

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  • Participate in your community
  • Meet your neighbors
  • Improve your surroundings
  • Enhance your skill set
  • Advocate for the Creek
  • Arrange a group activity for your club or group
  • Receive the monthly eNewsletter
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  • Have your name forwarded to your Section Steward for hands-on events
  • Contribute to special projects
  • Fund outdoor events, expert talks, equipment for invasive plant/litter removal, the kiosks in the park, water quality testing, and more
  • Support FOSC’s outreach to schools, civic groups, and all communities
  • Tell us about your experience at a FOSC event
  • Suggest an activity
  • Voice your concern about an environmental issue
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