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Friends of Sligo Creek (FOSC) offers events year round in support and appreciation of Sligo Creek and adjacent parkland. Litter clean-up and invasive plant clear-out events are among the most popular FOSC activities in the spring, summer and fall. FOSC also sponsors guided outdoor explorations of different aspects of Sligo Creek flora and fauna. A wide variety of other programs throughout the year educate neighbors and users of the park about Sligo Creek’s strengths and challenges. FOSC also monitors the creek, advocating for civic policies that will support a healthier Sligo.

FOSC invites you to visit the creek, volunteer at an upcoming event, attend a program, advocate for the Creek, and join FOSC.

Invasive Weed Walk on Sat, June 1 at 9:30am

Join Walter Mulbry, chair of the FOSC invasive plant removal committee, on Sat, June 1 at 9:30am for a leisurely one hour walk to look for new and not-so-new invasive plant species in Sligo Creek and discuss management strategies.

We’ll meet at the tennis court parking lot on Sligo Creek Parkway just north of Piney Branch in Silver Spring. We’ll walk upstream to Wayne Ave. and back. We’ll likely encounter poison ivy along the trail so wear long pants and covered shoes. In case of rain, we’ll postpone the walk until June 8 at 9:30am.

No registration needed.


News & Updates

President’s Day Sweeps pulled a huge amount of litter from Sligo

Mini-sweeps at 3 trash hot spots yielded an impressive amount of trash from the creeks over the President's Day weekend. Altogether, 101 volunteers hauled 118 bags of trash, [...]

Faring well? Sligo and Long Branch in a warming climate

Faring well? Sligo and Long Branch in a warming climate How healthy are Sligo, Long Branch and NW Branch? The Water Quality Committee of FOSC invites you [...]


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Sligo Creek connects us. Please join FOSC and help protect and restore the Creek for everyone in our community. It's simple to do and can be free if you wish. Membership gives you early notice of events and the FOSC newsletter.

You can make a donation too, either online (simple and secure) or by check to FOSC, P.O. Box 11572, Takoma Park, MD 20913. Thank you!

FOSC Action Hub

Sligo Creek Water WatchDog mascot

Report water pollution ASAP!
Send an email to:
[email protected]

You play an important role protecting Sligo. Please report any pollution you see in the creek or heading into a storm drain ASAP, with photos, which help County investigators find and fine the pollutors.

A lone duck swimming in polluted water in between sewer pipes crossing the stream.

A lone duck swims in polluted water between sewer pipes crossing Brashears run near Maple Ave. in March 2024. (Sally Taber photo)

Spring 2024 Top Invasives

 Invasive: Italian Arum

Italian Arum is back in force around Sligo Creek and Long Branch. One of the EDRR (Early Detection, Rapid Response) invasive species, it has many little "daughter" corms attached to its main corm which makes it difficult to remove completely. Dig it out carefully. Screen the loosened soil for small "daughter" corms. There is some evidence that spraying with glyphosate is effective at killing all its corms.

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Pine Siskins at Wheaton Branch Ponds by Stephen Davies

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  • Participate in your community
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  • Enhance your skill set
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  • Support FOSC's outreach to schools, civic groups, and all communities
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