Sligo Stewards

Sligo Stewards are a vital part of FOSC’s work. They are Friends of Sligo Creek ambassadors to their community.

Stewards provide oversight, leadership, outreach and education, and hands-on work along Sligo Creek. They work to engage their communities in protecting and enhancing Sligo Creek. They collaborate with the FOSC Committees to identify emerging issues and solutions to the challenges facing the Creek. Stewards are instrumental in the Sweep the Creek litter removal initiative.

FOSC works to support our Sligo Stewards through mentoring, training, and supplies/resources. Stewards form a strong network of support for each other. We are always looking for new stewards. Contact [email protected] or use the FOSC Contact form if you are interested in learning more about becoming a Sligo Steward.

Sligo Steward Opportunities

Sligo Section Stewards usually monitor a portion of Sligo Creek, work to improve it, help coordinate others’ efforts and advocate for it. They work at the discretion of the Board of Directors to conduct authorized activities. FOSC works to support Sligo Stewards on the initiatives they pursue. Some specifics you might undertake as a steward:

  • Walk your section of the creek/path periodically, keeping an eye on things, and advocate for or explain about the creek as questions arise.

Example: Notice changes in your section – ivy climbing, problem areas for trash, etc. Help promote FOSC activities in your community and take part. Arrange or share other educational opportunities in or about Sligo Creek.

  • Help users of the park develop an advanced appreciation of the good things about the park as well as how to learn more about it and local nature.

Examples: Report problems with the stormwater controls in place along the creek (training provided on recognizing problems.) Respond to messages on your community listserv about local wildlife. Alert your community about the negative impact on Sligo of road salt and effective alternatives.

  • Note and report new problems, or help others know how to make these contacts.

Example: Monitoring Sligo Creek stormwater outfalls for pollution and reporting any problems using FOSC’s Water WatchDog Report to alert DEP’s investigative unit to obtain enforcement of pollution regulations.

  • Protect the treasures of the woods and water, and arrange, recruit volunteers for, and promote Sweep the Creek Litter cleanup and Weed Warrior activities along the Creek.

Example: Noticing an area that needs litter clean up and arranging for/notifying your community about clean up activities.

Because invasive plants are such a fundamental threat to the biodiversity of Sligo, some stewards may choose to become certified Weed Warriors through Montgomery County Parks’ Weed Warrior certification program. The program teaches people how to identify and remove targeted non-native, invasive species and authorizes them to do so in Sligo and other county parks.

  • About twice a year, help staff a table for a Sweep the Creek event focusing on collecting litter or pulling invasive plants. While staffing the table, conduct outreach and education for volunteers.
  • Stay current with Friends of Sligo Creek activities and developments.

Indicate your interest in becoming a Sligo Steward through [email protected] or the FOSC Contact Form.

Sligo Stewards

Section #Sligo area Steward


Confluence of Sligo and NW Branch to New HampshireSusan Ewing, Lyn Hardy, Jesse Johnson, Fatima Yousofi, Kristen Zimmer
2New Hampshire to Maple David Koelsch
3Maple to Piney BranchBruce Sidwell, Hilary Stevens, Elizabeth Kleemeier, Anne Burson
4Piney Branch to WayneChris Richardson, Melanie Richardson, Leda & Naomi Huta
5Wayne to ColesvilleKatherine Payne, Chris Johnson, Becky Reeve, Carrie Noel-Nosbaum
6Colesville to Forest GlenRoss Campbell, Steve Warner, David Wood
7Forest Glen to DennisDavid M. Hollibaugh Baker, Susan DeFord
8Dennis to UniversityHugh Byrne, Rebecca Hines, Kristen DeWire, Kristen Darling
9North of UniversityKathleen Michels, Ed Murtagh, Amy Cassagnol
10 Upper Long Branch, north of
Piney Branch
Barbara Francisco, Brian Evans
10 Mid Long Branch, between
Piney Branch and Carroll
Steve Whitney, Cynthia Sealls, James Gulley, Alexandra Duprey
10 Lower Long Branch, south of
Jesse Buff, Chris Victoria
11Takoma Branch, from Poplar Ave to Knollbrook to Rt. 410Fatima Yousofi
12 Upper Wheaton Branch, above
Dennis Ave
Steward Needed
12 Lower Wheaton Branch, below
Dennis Ave
Susan DeFord