Documenting the plants, animals, habitats, and ecology of the Sligo Creek watershed (past and present); pursuing habitat improvements; and providing educational experiences through nature talks and outings.

Natural History Committee Projects

FOSC’s Natural History Committee helps us humans near Sligo Creek Park appreciate the variety and abundance of plants and animals with whom we share the watershed. We do this by promoting citizen sightings of Sligo wildlife, documenting the flora and fauna of Sligo, advocating for new natural areas, helping to conserve existing ones, and organizing talks and outings about our diverse habitats and the many living things that inhabit them.

Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care is about more than not using pesticides and herbicides. Mary Travaglini of the MoCo Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) explained why at a FOSC presentation in late Sept.

A green lawn with a hand-lettered sign reading "Organic" stuck in it at a jaunty angle.


Video of the talk by Mary Travaglini of DEP

The title slide of the Organic Lawn Care slide deck by Mary Travaglini of the Dept. of Environmental Protection

Fall 2023 Organic Lawn Care Slides

North Hills of Sligo Pollinator Havens

Learn about the steps three neighbors took to involve their community in converting abandoned rights-of-way into pollinator havens. Their work won over skeptics and filled the spaces with pollinator-supporting beauty.

Neighbors saw the chance to create a native plant haven when the street configuration changed, the subject of the FOSC May 10 virtual talk.


Neighbors saw the chance to create a native plant haven when the street configuration changed.

Video of the talk by Eric Cathcart, Ross Campbell, and Kyle Simpson

Bark Talks and Walks: Identifying Sligo’s Trees Through Their Bark

Ever wonder how to identify the trees that surround us in Sligo Creek park and our neighborhoods? From the smooth gray bark of beech and ironwood to the deeply furrowed bark of walnut and chestnut oak, we looked at easy ways to know what’s towering over us in woodlands throughout the park.

Video of the Bark Talk by Michael Wilpers

The slides used for the Bark Talk, identifying Sligo's trees by bark, on Feb 22, 2023.


Bark Talk Slides

Sligo Creek Park Kiosk Posters

The poster on swallowtail butterflies that was displayed in the park kiosks last summer.
Plentiful Pokeweed For Wildlife Only Kiosk Poster
Fun facts about squirrels such as their swiveling ankle joints, acorn hiding strategies, and vision.
How to identify the trees by their fall leaves.
An informational poster of fireflies, "the magical beacons of summer", featuring a forest scene with hundreds of fireflies blinking.

Pollinator Havens in North Hill of Sligo

Italian Arum-Emerging Invasive (Dig, don’t pull)

Electrofishing in Sligo

Green Herons of Sligo

Takoma Park Tree Study

Great Egrets of Sligo

TSS: New Partnerships

Common Snapping Turtles

Eastern Box Turtles

Bald Eagle in Sligo

A bald eagle perched on a high branch in Hillwood Neighborhood Park, in December 2021

A bald eagle seen in Hillwood Neighborhood Park by Ellen Maidman-Turner, Dec 2021.