Habitats and Ecology

Sligo Creek Park is home to a wide variety of habitats, distinguished by varying amounts of water and sunlight and, consequently, by unique assemblages of plants and animals.

  • Sligo aquatic habitats include the creek and its tributaries, several stormwater ponds, a few vernal pools (which are wet only in spring), and low-lying wetlands adjacent to the creeks.
  • Our woodlands range from the dry conditions on steep, rocky slopes to moist upland forests on gentler grades and finally the riparian and floodplain woods near the creeks.
  • Sunny meadow-grasslands are found in the Pepco powerline corridor, between the soccer fields and the Beltway, in places along the Parkway, and on the banks of stormwater ponds, all mowed at least once a year.
  • Finally, we have edge habitat, where woodland meets meadow, supporting its own suite of flora and fauna.
Powerline Meadow Habitat showing a Venus

PEPCO Powerline Meadow Habitat (pending)