Sligo Creek Water Quality – Selected Bibliography

Maryland’s Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards The EPA approved Maryland’s Fall 222 amendments and Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards on June 28, 2023. This included:

  • Revisions to the designated use classes for several waters including moving some waters to Class III or III-P (coldwater),
  • Identifying coldwater existing uses for several waters where coldwater obligate species were found,
  • Revisions and new water quality criteria for ammonia, cadmium, and 69 human health criteria,
  • Updates or the removal of the restoration variances for several Chesapeake Bay segments,
  • Clarification of the protections for Tier I waters and existing uses including the incorporation by reference of a policy and procedure document for making existing use determinations,
  • Clarifications to the Tier II Antidegradation Implementation Procedures and the update of the Tier II waters list,
  • and other minor clarifications and corrections.
For any other questions about the Triennial Review, please email Melinda Cutler at [email protected].

Salt in Water Sources Becoming Worrisome in DC Region, Experts Warn Washington Post, Aug 8, 2022


Salt in water sources becoming worrisome in D.C. region, experts warn

Amid rampant growth, D.C. region and other metropolitan areas face ‘freshwater salinization syndrome’ that may b…

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New York Times, Aug 9, 2022

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New York Times Jan 7, 2022

Sligo Creek Macroinvertebrates and Microbial Diversity University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science – Horn Point Laboratory, Sarah LaPierre and Dr. Alyson Santoro. 2015

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Prepared for: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.
Prepared by: Environmental Quality Resources, Inc. September 1994.

Cummins, James D., Stribling, James B., and Galli, John. Biological Responses to Stream Habitat Rehabilitation in the Sligo Creek Watershed, Montgomery County, Maryland, December 1998 : Chemical, Physical, and Biological Monitoring Results from 1 Year Pre-Restoration to 2 Years Post-Restoration.
Prepared for the Maryland Department of the Environment and the Montgomery Department of Environmental Protection.
Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin Publication Number ICPRB-97-3.

Read about Migratory Fish Barrier Removal in Sligo Creek and Post Construction Mitigation:

  • Fish Passage Restoration: Post Construction Mitigation Monitoring Report (Year 1 of 5): 2004, Contract Number PG3445173, Northwest Branch and Sligo Creek” Maryland State Highway Administration and Potomac Crossing Consultants