DEP is holding its 3rd webinar in a 4 part stream restoration series on Wed, Feb 16, 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Register at this link.

  • Steven Findley, Montgomery County Planning Department, on the Forest Conservation Law and Natural Resource Inventory for stream restorations
  • Dr. Sujay Kaushal, University of Maryland, on Tree trade-off research in restoration efforts
  • Laura Miller, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, on DEP’s tree evaluation process for restoration projects, and
  • Dr. Lauren Hubbard, Native by Design LLC, on Nonnative invasives

Registration is open for DEP’s last session in the series on March 9th that will feature a roundtable discussion with all of the speakers that have participated in the series. DEP looks forward to an engaging discussion and hope to see you as they close out the series.