Road Salt Alert 2/24 and 2/25: FOSC testers, please take a reading Thurs 2/24 and Fri 2/25am if possible. We think salt gets into the creek quite quickly after salting/brining activities. Your tests will give us a clearer picture of the dynamics of salt in Sligo. Thank you!

Road Salt Alert 2/14: FOSC testers, please take a reading tomorrow, Tues 2/15, preferably in the afternoon or early evening after temperatures have risen above freezing.

Please also plan on taking a reading on Thursday or Friday, after rain has begun or even after it has ended, so we can see how this next precipitation affects chloride levels in the Creek.

Thanks for all your work! We are pulling the results into a single database, and are working on having some key numbers and findings up shortly.

There’s been tremendous interest in this program, so we are running low on test kits right now. More are on the way, and we’ll get them distributed as soon as possible once they arrive.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to be on the list for an additional kit once they arrive.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Road Salt Alert 2/11: FOSC testers, please take a reading BEFORE the expected snow event this Sat evening/Sunday morning. We don’t know the strength of the storm or if/when MoCo, Takoma Park or the State (SHA) will salt or brine the roads, but we will post additional notes here as any precipitation progresses and in the days immediately following.

You can check Montgomery County’s Winter Storm Information site for the status of County preparations for a impending storm. If you input an address in the “Who plows my street?” box, you will see the status of salting and brining in your area and the storm status (note the date of the message).

If you see salt trucks, please email [email protected]

Thank you!

Image courtesy of Chesapeake Stormwater Network