April 12, 2010
Stormwater Committee Meeting


Ed Murtagh
Kit Gage
Wendy Bell
Elaine Lamirande
Diane Cameron
Pierre Cassagnol
Kathy Michels
Eliza Reed

Spring Projects

Woodmoor’s Pinecrest Elementary School will be installing a demonstration raingarden.

The dig is scheduled for April 24th and planting the following weekend. Ann English will be supervising student workers on this project.

There are various homeowner projects in the works which will consist of both conservation landscaping and raingardens. We will finish the CBT grant with these projects.

The Green Wheaton project is set to go ahead. It will be a 500sq ft. high profile conservation landscape garden adjacent to parking lot 13. The prep work for this is scheduled for April 28th.

Kit Gage reported on her plan to order a number of 205 gallon above ground cisterns which she will make available to the public for around $250.each. They would be a much larger capacity alternative to the smaller rainbarrels used by most homeowners.

Watershed Academy

Ed, Kit, Wendy, Jenny and Elaine are in the beginning stages of putting together a coalition of water conservation groups in Montgomery County to run a watershed stewardship program. They have already written a memo of understanding and a fundraising proposal.

Diane Cameron reported on the recent stormwater compromise in the Maryland General Assembly which will allow for around 1,000-1,500 redevelopment projects state-wide to be grandfathered in under the old regulations in effect prior to the 2007 Storm-water management Act.

Minutes prepared by Ed Muragh and Eliza Reed