After 6 years the trash trap is still functioning, still capturing lots of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bags and other pieces of trash. During these 6 years, it has survived a hurricane and some minor vandalism. Minor maintenance is still required. The photo above was taken March 2010. Unfortunately, the trash keeps flowing down Sligo Creek and into the Northwest Branch and the Anacostia River. The new Montgomery County MS4 stormwater permit requires Montgomery County to implement the provisions of the 2013 Trash Free Potomac River Treaty, hopefully, finally putting the trash trap out of business. During the past six years, I have become aware of how prolific plastic bottles have become in our streams. Attempts to pass a bottle bill in Maryland, however, have failed. The Bag Bill, similar to the one passed in the District of Columbia last year, will probably not pass this year in Maryland. After the DC Bag bill was implemented, there was a dramatic increase in the use of reusable bags and an equally dramatic decrease in the use of plastic bags. Perhaps if the politicians got out more and saw firsthand the litter in our natural areas, they would not be so easily swayed by lobbyists to vote against these bills.

trash trap is still functioning