Identify and remove invasive plants in Sligo to allow native plants and wildlife to thrive.

Removing Invasive Plants

Consider this:

Twenty years from now we can have ten alien plant species covering much of the Park, or we can have our 372 native plants thriving in impressive variety!


Why Remove Invasive Plants?

We are in the process of losing the Park to non-native, invasive plants. Most of these plants were brought into this country intentionally as ornamentals. These plants found a good environment to grow and reproduce with few, if any, predators or diseases. Most grow far faster than native species and out-compete them.

Invasive plant removal volunteers removing wavy leaf basketgrass.

Invasive plant removal volunteers removing wavy leaf basketgrass near Kemp Mill in northern Sligo.

The RIP Program (Removing Invasive Plants) was formed to control and remove these unwanted plants. Since RIP’s inception in 2004, most non-native invasive vines been removed from mature trees in our Park. Many non-native shrubs have also been removed so native shrubs can be reintroduced either by planting or natural seed dispersal. The Resources on Invasive Plants page has detailed information on common invasives that have migrated into Sligo Creek Park, typically from yards and landscaping.

Though a constant effort, invasive removal work is showing progress. There are fewer non-native plants in some parts of the park now and new growth of native species. No doubt climate change will bring to the Park some new species native to the southern states, but these will also bring their predators.

In Partnership

Since 2004, Friends of Sligo Creek has partnered with the Montgomery County Parks Department on a non-native invasive plant removal program in Sligo. Called Weed Warriors, Montgomery Parks developed the program to provide training, advice and support for removing non-native plants. Weed Warrior supervisors lead Sligo volunteers in the removal of non-native invasive plants from the Park. We’d love to have you join in. Upcoming events are posted under Events.

Weed Warrior training is conducted by Montgomery Parks. With Weed Warrior certification you can obtain Park approval to work on your own in addition to organized events. Email the Parks Dept at [email protected] to find out when the next training will be held.

Invasives/RIP Committee: Open to All

Friends of Sligo Creek has divided the watershed into sections, which allows individuals to get involved in activities in their own neighborhoods. Each section has a Sligo RIP leader who coordinates RIP activities in their section.

RIP is in need of Weed Warriors willing to adopt specific areas in the Park that have been ‘cleared’ of one or more invasive plants to monitor and make sure these plants don’t come back.

Become a part of your RIP team! Contact the Invasives/RIP Committee Chairperson Jim Anderson at [email protected] or through the Contact Form on the Contact page.

  • Volunteer at RIP events to remove invasive plants

  • Learn to identify invasive plants and ways to remove them

  • Become a Weed Warrior and a RIP Steward to monitor an area that was cleared of invasives

  • Share your experience with others through our newsletter

  • Encourage friends and neighbors to volunteer at a RIP event

  • Remove invasive plants from your yard and encourage your neighbors to do so as well to keep them from spreading

Invasive Plant List of 1970

The invasive plants present in Sligo Creek park 50 years ago were documented by Dorothy Salisbury in her Plant List of 1970-71 and her companion guide, Salisbury Notes.

Fall 2020 Top Invasives

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