Survey of Sligo’s Native & Alien Plants of 1971
The “Salisbury List”

Dorothy Salisbury surveyed the flora of Sligo Creek over 25 years. In 1971, the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission published her findings, “The Salisbury List”. She organized the plants into 4 sections: Trees and Shrubs, Ferns and their Allies, Flowering Plants, and Vines. Each section is shown below in a searchable table format.

Along with the lists, the Commission published The Plants of Sligo Creek Park, her extensive notes on Sligo and the Salisbury plant lists.

Key to the Codes in the Notes Column:
N = Native to Sligo Watershed
A = Alien, not native to Maryland; most are not even native to North America
U = Unlikely to be Found in the Sligo Watershed
NC = Native to Coastal Plain of Sligo Watershed
NU = Native to Maryland but highly unlikely to be found in Sligo Watershed
AU = Not native to Maryland AND highly unlikely to be found in Sligo Watershed
MD = Native to Maryland, but not native to Sligo Watershed; planted in Park, NOT Naturalizing
MN = Native to Maryland, but not native to Sligo Watershed; planted in Park and Naturalizing
UN = Not a recognized botanical name. Uncertain as to species.
Trees and Shrubs
Trees & Shrubs GroupPlant Family*ShrubsScientific NameCommon NameCode/Notes
LilyLiliaceaeSimilax bona-noxBullbrier [should have been with vines]NU Rare. Moist shade. Mis-id; Strongly resembles Glaucous Greenbrier. Native to MD Eastern shore.
Cone-BearersConiferaeJuniperus virginianaRed CedarN Occasional. Open areas.
Cone-BearersConiferaePiceae abiesNorway SpruceA Planted along parkway.
Cone-BearersConiferaePinus strobusWhite PineMD Planted along parkway by Park. Properly noted as "planted" in Salisbury List.
Cone-BearersConiferaePinus sylvestrisScotch PineA Planted along parkway by Park.
Cone-BearersConiferaePinus taedaLoblolly PineNC Rare. Mixed woods.
Cone-BearersConiferaePinus virginianaScrub PineN Common. Often in pockets.
Cone-BearersConiferaeTaxodium distichumBald CypressMD Rare. Perhaps planted. Definitely planted in Park. Native to S.E. MD coastal plain.
Cone-BearersConiferae*Taxus canadensisAmerican YewNU Planted near creek. Mis-id; Confused w/ T. cuspidata, Japanese Yew.
Cone-BearersConiferaeThuja occidentalisArborvitae, White CedarMD Rare. Perhaps planted. Rarely naturalizes. Native to MD mountains.
Cone-BearersConiferaeTsuga canadensisHemlockN Rare. Near creek.
Willows & AspensSalicaceaePopulus deltoidesCottonwoodN Rare.
Willows & AspensSalicaceaePopulus grandidentataLarge-toothed AspenN Rare. Wood's edge.
Willows & AspensSalicaceaeSalix babylonicaWeeping WillowA Rare. Along creek.
Willows & AspensSalicaceaeSalix fragilisCrack WillowA Rare.
Willows & AspensSalicaceaeSalix nigraBlack WillowN Frequent. Near creek.
WalnutsJuglandaceaeCarya cordiformisBitternut HickoryN Fairly common. Mixed woods
WalnutsJuglandaceaeJuglands nigraBlack WalnutN Rare,
WalnutsJuglandaceae*Alnus rugosaSpeckled AlderNU Frequent. Along creek. Mis-id; Looks similar to Alnus serrulata; Native to MD mountains.
WalnutsJuglandaceae*Alnus serrulataSmooth AlderN Infrequent. Along creek.
WalnutsJuglandaceaeBetula luteaYellow BirchNU Occasional. Bottomland. Mis-id; Confused with young River Birch (similar bark & leaves).
WalnutsJuglandaceaeBetula nigraRiver BirchN Frequent. Near creek.
WalnutsJuglandaceaeCarpinus carolinianaIronwood, Blue BeechN Common. Bottomland and along creek.
Beech & OaksFagaceaeFagus grandifoliaAmericn BeechN Frequent. Especially in pockets in mature woods.
Beech & OaksFagaceaeQuercus albaWhite OakN Frequent. Mature woods.
Beech & OaksFagaceaeQ. coccineaScarlet OakN Planted along parkway.
Beech & OaksFagaceaeQ. imbrieariaShingle OakN Rare. In open.
Beech & OaksFagaceaeQ. marilandicaBlackjack OakN Rare.
Beech & OaksFagaceaeO. palustrisPin OakN Frequent. Mature woods.
Beech & OaksFagaceaeQ. phellosWillow OakN Occasional.
Beech & OaksFagaceaeQ. prinusChestnut OakN Rare. Mature woods.
Beech & OaksFagaceaeO. rubra (borealis)Red OakN Frequent. Mature woods.
Beech & OaksFagaceaeQ. velutinaBlack OakN Infrequent. Dry woods.
ElmUlmaceaeUlmus americanaAmerican ElmN Rare. Open areas.
ElmUlmaceaeUlmus thomasiRock ElmA Rare. Creek bank.
MulberryMoraceaeMorus albaWhite MulberryA Frequent. Along creek.
MulberryMoraceaeMorus rubraRed MulberryN Infrequent.
BarberryBerberidaceae*Berberis thunbergiiJapanese BarberryA Occasional. Open woods.
MagnoliaMagnoliaceaeLiriodendron tulipiferaTulip-treeN Common. Mature woods.
MagnoliaMagnoliaceaeMagnolia soulangeanaSaucer MagnoliaA Rare.
LaurelLauraceae*Lindera benzoinSpicebushN Frequent. Low, moist woods.
LaurelLauraceaeSassafras albidumSassafrasN Infrequent. Dry woods.
PlanetreePlatanaceaePlatanus occidentalisSycamore, American PlanetreeN Frequent. Mature woods.
Witch HazelHamamelidaceae*Hamamelis virginianaWitch HazelN Infrequent. Woods near creek.
Witch HazelHamamelidaceaeLiquidambar styracifluaSweet GumNC Infrequent. Woods near creek.
SaxifrageSaxifragaceae*Deutzia scabraFuzzy DeutziaA Rare. Probably an escape.
SaxifrageSaxifragaceae*Hydrangea arborescensSmooth HydrangeaN Rare.
SaxifrageSaxifragaceae*Hydrangea paniculataPanicle HydrangeaA Escape.
SaxifrageSaxifragaceae*Philadelphus inodorusScentless Mock-orangeA Rare.
RoseRosaceaeAmelanchier arboreaShadbush, ServiceberryN Rare. Wood's edge near creek.
RoseRosaceae*Amelanchier stoloniferaRunning JuneberryNU Rare. Near creek. Mis-id. Probably Amelanchier arborearoot sprouts.
RoseRosaceaePrunus coronariaAmerican CrabappleN Rare.
RoseRosaceaePrunus hortulanaGoose PlumA Rare.
RoseRosaceaePrunus malusDomestic AppleA Rare. Escape. Roads and streams
RoseRosaceaePrunus serotinaBlack CherryN Rare.
RoseRosaceae*Prunus virginianaChokecherryNU Infrequent. Mis-id; Similar to young Prunus serotina. Native to MD mountains.
RoseRosaceae*Pyrocantha cocciniaLeland Pyrocantha or FirethornA Rare. Escape. Roads and streams.
RoseRosaceae*Rhodotypos scandensBlack JetbeadA Rare. Planted.
RoseRosaceae*Rosa carolinaPasture or Carolina RoseN Rare. Dry, sunny areas.
RoseRosaceae*Rosa Dorothy PerkinsPink Columbine RoseA Rare. Escape. Roads and streams.
RoseRosaceae*Rosa multifloraMultiflora RoseA Frequent. Sunny areas.
RoseRosaceae*Rosa occidentalisBlack RaspberryN Rare. Open sun.
RoseRosaceae*Rosa pensylvanicaBlackberryN Occasional. Open thickets.
RoseRosaceae*Rosa phoenicolasiusWine RaspberryA Occasional. Open sun.
RoseRosaceae*Spiraea prunifoliaDouble BridalwreathA Rare. Escape.
Bean or Pea, LegumeLeguminosaCercis canadensisRedbud or Judas TreeMN Occasional understory.
Bean or Pea, LegumeLeguminosaAlbizzia julibrissinMimosa, SilktreeA Occasional. Open woods.
Bean or Pea, LegumeLeguminosaRobinia pseudoacaciaBlack LocustN Fairly common. Dry woods.
CashewAnacardiaceaeRhus glabraSmooth SumacN Rare. Wood edges.
CashewAnacardiaceaeRhus typhinaStaghorn SumacN Rare. Wood edges.
BuckthornRhamnaceaeCeanothus americanusJersey TeaN Rare. Dry woods.
HollyAquifoliaceaeIlex opacaAmerican HollyN Occasional. Understory tree.
SoapberrySapindaciceaeKoelreuteria paniculataPanicled Goldenrain TreeA Rare. Planted
Staff-TreeCelastraceae*Euonymus fortuneiGlossy WintercreeperA Rare. Groundcover in shade.
Staff-TreeCelastraceae*Euonymus verrucosusWarty EuonymusA Planted.
MapleAceraceaeAcer negundoAsh-leaved Maple, Box-elderN Occasional.
MapleAceraceaeAcer platanoidesNorway MapleA Rare. Escape.
MapleAceraceaeAcer rubrumRed or Swamp MapleN Common. Moist woods.
MapleAceraceaeAcer saccharumSugar MapleMN Rare. In upland woods. Naturalized from yard and park plantings. Native to MD mountains.
MapleAceraceaeAcer saccharinumSilver MapleN Rare. Open woods.
MallowMalvaceae*Hibiscus syriacusRose of Sharon, ShrubaltheaA Escape or planted.
DogwoodCornaceaeCornus floridaFlowering DogwoodN Frequent. Understory.
DogwoodCornaceae*Cornus stoloniferaRed-osier, DogwoodNU Rare. Mis-id; Easily confused with Cornus amomum.
DogwoodCornaceaeNyssa sylvaticaSour Gum or Black TupeloN Occasional. Woods.
HeathEricaceae*Azalea nudifloraPink Azalea, PinxterbloomN Occasional. Woods. Nearly eradicated by vandals, is returning.
HeathEricaceae*Kalmia latifoliaMountain LaurelN Infrequent. Understory.
HeathEricaceaeOxydendrum arboreumSourwoodNU Rare. Open or wood edge. Mis-id; Likely confused w/ Persimmon (similar bark, leaves and habit).
HeathEricaceae*Rhododendrom maximumPink RhododendronMD Infrequent. Understory. Naturalized from yard and park plantings.
HeathEricaceae*Vaccinium vacillanaLow-bush BlueberryN Infrequent. Open woods and along paths.
EbonyEbenaceaeDiospyros virginianaPersimmonN Rare. In open woods.
OliveOleaceaeFraxinus americanaWhite AshN Occasional. Along creek.
OliveOleaceae*Jasminum nudiflorumWinter JasmineA Planted by Park Commission.
OliveOleaceae*Ligustrum vulgareCommon or European PrivetA Rare. Escape.
Figwort, SnapdragonScrophulariaceaePaulownia tomentosaPrincess Tree, Royal PaulowniaA Rare.
Figwort, SnapdragonBignoniaceaeCatalpa bignonioidesCommon CatalpaA Infrequent.
Figwort, SnapdragonSimarubaceaeAilanthus altissimaTree of HeavenA A weed tree.
Madder, BedstrawRubiaceae*Cephalanthus occidentalisButtonbushN Rare. Wet bottomland.
HoneysuckleCaprifoliaceae*Abelia grandifloraGlossy AbeliaA Planted by Park.
HoneysuckleCaprifoliaceae*Lonicera xylosteumEuropean Fly HoneysuckleA Frequent. Along creek.
HoneysuckleCaprifoliaceae*Sambucus canadensisElderberryN Occasional . Along creek.
HoneysuckleCaprifoliaceae*Viburnum acerfoliumMapleleaf ViburnumN Frequent. Woods and along stream.
HoneysuckleCaprifoliaceae*V. dentatumArrowwoodN Frequent. Shaded bottomland.
HoneysuckleCaprifoliaceae*V. prunifoliaBlackhawN Occasional. Understory in bottomland.
HoneysuckleCaprifoliaceae*V. rytidophyllumLeather-leaf ViburnumA Planted by Park.
HoneysuckleCaprifoliaceae*V. sitigesRed-berried ViburnumA Rare. Escape.
HoneysuckleCaprifoliaceae*V. tomentosumDoublefile ViburnumA Planted by Park, or escape.
HoneysuckleCaprifoliaceae*Weigelia floribundaCrimson WeigeliaA Planted by Park Commission.
HoneysuckleCaprifoliaceae*W. floridaOld-fashioned WeigeliaA Planted by Park Commission.
Ferns and their Allies

GroupPlant FamilyScientific NameCommon NameNotes
Horsetails & Scouring-RushesEquisetaceaeEquisetum arvenseField HorsetailN Rare. Grows anywhere.
ClubmossLycopodiaceaeLycopodium obscurumGround PineN Rare. Damp, open woods.
Succulent FernsOphioglossaceaeBotrychium dissectium, var. obliquumCut-leaf or Ternate GrapefernN Rare. Open woods.
Succulent FernsOphioglossaceaeB. virginianumRattlesnake FernN Rare. Moist woods.
Flowering FernsOsmundaceaeOsmunda regalisRoyal FernN Rare. Wet land.
Polypodium FamilyPolypodaceaeAthyrium filix-feminaLady FernN Occasional. Moist woods.
Polypodium FamilyPolypodaceaeOnoclea sensibilisSensitive FernN Occasional. Moist, sunny slopes & bottomland.
Polypodium FamilyPolypodaceaePolypodium vulgareCommon PolypodyN Rare. On rocks.
Polypodium FamilyPolypodaceaePolystichum acrostichoidesChristmas FernN Occasional. Moist woods.
Polypodium FamilyPolypodaceaeThelypteris novaboracensisNew York FernN Occasional. Woods.
Polypodium FamilyPolypodaceaeT. hexagonopteraBroad Beech FernN Occasional. Near stream.
Polypodium FamilyPolypodaceaeT. phegopterisLong Beech FernNU Rare. Shady banks.
Polypodium FamilyPolypodaceaeT. simulataMassachusetts FernNU Rare. Moist, shady woods.
Flowering Plants (Excluding Trees, Shrubs and Vines)

GroupPlant FamilyScientific NameCommon NameNotes
ArrowheadAlismataceaeAlisma subcordatumWater-plantainN Rare. Shallow water or mud.
ArrowheadAlismataceaeSagittaria latifoliaBroadleaf ArrowheadN Rare. Quiet shallow water.
GrassGramineaeAndropogon virginicusBroomsedgeN Occasional. Moist areas.
GrassGramineaeArundinaria tectaSwitch CaneNU Rare, escape. Bottomland.
GrassGramineaeBambusa sp.BambooAU One stand planted. Mis-id - confused with Yellow Groove bamboo
GrassGramineaePhyllostachys AureosulcataYellow Groove BambooA 15-25 ft tall, culms 1-2 inches diameter
GrassGramineaeBromus scarlomusSwamp Chess, Swamp CheatA Moist spots.
GrassGramineaeDactylis glomerataOrchard GrassA Open areas.
GrassGramineaeDigitaria sanguinalisCrabgrassA In tufts in waste places.
GrassGramineaeElymus canadensisCanada Wild RyeN
GrassGramineaeHystrix patulaBottlebrush GrassN Rare. Moist woods.
GrassGramineaeLolium perenne italicumItalian RyegrassA Creek bank, waste places.
GrassGramineaeMuhlenburgia mexicanusMexican DropseedN
GrassGramineaePhleum praetensisTimothyA Fields, moist areas.
GrassGramineaePoa pratensisKentucky BluegrassA Roadside, open woods.
GrassGramineaeSetaria lutescensYellow FoxtailA Creek edge in sun.
GrassGramineaeSorghastrum nutansIndian GrassN
GrassGramineaeSorghum halepenseJohnson GrassA Roadsides.
GrassGramineaeUniola latifoliaSpangle GrassN Woods.
SedgeCyperaceaeCarex cyperusSedgeUN Frequent. Near creek.
SedgeCyperaceaeCladium jamaicensSawgrassAU Rare. Probably an escapee.
SedgeCyperaceaeCyperus diandrusSedgeN Occasional. Moist areas.
SedgeCyperaceaeEriophorum virginicum var. albumCottongrass or Cotton SedgeNU Occasional. Moist areas.
SedgeCyperaceaeLipocarpha maculataSedgeNU
SedgeCyperaceaeScriptus acutusAmerican BulrushAU Rare. Shallow water.
SedgeCyperaceaeS. lacustrisGreat BulrushAU Rare. Stream edge.
SedgeCyperaceaeS. polyphyllusBulrushN Rare. Moist ground.
Calla, ArumAraceaeArisaema triphyllumJack-in-the-pulpitN Rare. Moist woods.
Calla, ArumAraceaeSymplocarpus foetidusSkunk CabbageN Rare. Moist areas.
DayflowerCommelinaceaeCommelina communisSpreading DayflowerA Infrequent. Moist, sunny areas.
DayflowerCommelinaceaeC. erectaErect DayflowerNU Rare.
DayflowerCommelinaceaeTradescantia virginianaSpiderwortN Rare. Sunny areas.
RushJuncaceaeJuncus tenuisPath RushN Occasional.
RushJuncaceaeLuzula obtusaWood RushN Frequent. Open woods.
LilyLiliaceaeAllium stellatumWild OnionAU Rare.
LilyLiliaceaeA. vinealeWild GarlicA Occasional. Open areas.
LilyLiliaceaeErythronium americanumTrout Lily, Adder's TongueN Occasional. Patches in moist, shady woods near stream.
LilyLiliaceaeHemerocallis fulvaOrange Day-lilyA Occasional. Along creek.
LilyLiliaceaeMedeola virginianaIndian Cucumber-rootN Rare. Open woods.
LilyLiliaceaeOrnihtogalum umbellatusStar-of-BethlehemA Rare. Escape.
LilyLiliaceaePolygonatum biflorumSolomon's SealN Rare. Open woods.
LilyLiliaceaeSmilacina racemosaSolomon's Plume, False Solmon's SealN Occasional patches. On slopes in open woods.
Amaryllis, DaffodilAmaryllidaceaeHypoxis hirsutaStargrassN Rare. Moist spots in sun.
Amaryllis, DaffodilAmaryllidaceaeNarcissus poeticusPoet's NarcissusA A few. Escape.
Amaryllis, DaffodilAmaryllidaceaeN. pseudo-narcissusDaffodilA A few. Escape.
IrisIridaceaeIrisBlue Garden IrisA Escape.
IrisIridaceaeCrocusCrocusA Escape.
IrisIridaceaeSisyrinchium angustifoliumBlue-eyed GrassN Rare. Near creek in sun.
BloodwortHaemodoraceaeLachnantheae tinctoriaRed-rootNU Rare. Creek bank.
NettleUrticaceaeBoehmeria cylindricaFalse NettleN Rare. Moist woods.
NettleUrticaceaePilea pumilaClearweedN Rare. Moist open woods.
SmartweedPolygonaceaePolygonum aviculareProstrate KnotweedA Common. Road edges, waste places.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeP. cespitosumLong-bristled SmartweedA Frequent. Sunny moist areas.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeP. coccineumSwamp SmartweedN Occasional. Moist areas.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeP. erectumErect KnotweedN Occasional. Road edges.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeP. hydropiperWater-pepper, Prince's FeatherN Occasional. Creek edge.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeP. hydropiperoidesMild Water-pepperN Rare. Creek edge.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeP. lapathifoliumPale SmartweedN Rare. Wet places.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeP. pennsylvanicumPennsylvania SmartweedN Occasional. Moist ditch, creek bank.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeP. persicariaLady-thumb, RedlegA Frequent. Sunny, moist areas.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeP. sagittatumArrow-leaved TearthumbN Rare. Creek edge.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeRumex acetosaGarden SorrellA Rare. Open sun.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeR. acetosellaSheep, Common SorrellA Rare. Open sun.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeR. crispusCurled DockA Rare. Fields.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeR. obtusifoliusBroad, Bitter DockA Occasional. Fields.
SmartweedPolygonaceaeTovara virginianaJumpseed, Virginia KnotweedN Frequent. Bottomland woods and wood openings.
GoosefootChenopodiaceaeChenopodium albumLamb's-quartersA Occasional. Roadside.
GoosefootChenopodiaceaeC. paganumPigweedA Occasional. Roadside, waste places.
AmaranthAmaranthaceaeAmaranthus hybridusTall Green Amaranth, BumbleweedA Rare. Wasteland.
AmaranthAmaranthaceaeA. retroflexusGreen Amaranth, BumblebeeweedA Frequent. Roadsides, waste places.
PokePhytolaccaceaePhytolacca americanaPokeweedN Frequent. Open areas.
PurslanePortulacaceaeClaytonia virginicaSpring BeautyN Common. Open bottomland woods.
PurslanePortulacaceaePortulaca oleraceaPurslaneA Rare. Open sun in disturbed ground.
PlantainPlantaginaceaePlantago lanceolataEnglish Plantain, Rib GrassA Frequent. Roadsides, waste places.
PlantainPlantaginaceaeP. majorCommon PlantainA Frequent. Roadsides, waste places.
PinkCaryophyllaceaeCerastium vulgatumMouse-ear chickweedA Occasional. Grass areas.
PinkCaryophyllaceaeDianthus armeriaDeptford PinkA Rare. Sunny, moist spots.
PinkCaryophyllaceaeLychnis albaWhite Campion, Evening LynchnisA Rare. Wood's edge.
PinkCaryophyllaceaeSaponaria officinalisBouncing BetA Rare, waste places.
PinkCaryophyllaceaeSchleranthus annusKnawelA Rare.
PinkCaryophyllaceaeSilene stellataStarry CampionN Rare. Open woods.
PinkCaryophyllaceaeStellaria gramineaStitchwortN Infrequent. Sunny, moist spots.
PinkCaryophyllaceaeS. mediaCommon ChickweedA Common. Waste places.
PinkCaryophyllaceaeS. puberaStarwort, Start ChickweedN Frequent. Clumps on wooded slopes.
Buttercup, CrowfootRanunculaceaeAnemone virginianaVirginia Anemone, ThimbleweedN Rare. Dry, open woods.
Buttercup, CrowfootRanunculaceaeAnemonella thalictroidesRue AnemoneN Rare. Moist woods.
Buttercup, CrowfootRanunculaceaeCimicifuga racemosaBlack Cohosh, Fairy CandlesN Occasional. Woods near creek.
Buttercup, CrowfootRanunculaceaeHepatica americanaHepatica, LiverwortN Rare. Dry woods.
Buttercup, CrowfootRanunculaceaeRanunculus abortivusAbortive or Kidney-leaf ButtercupN Frequent. Moist woods.
Buttercup, CrowfootRanunculaceaeR. acrisCommon, Tall ButtercupA Rare. Open sun.
Buttercup, CrowfootRanunculaceaeR. bulbosusBulbous ButtercupA Frequent. Sunny creek bank.
Buttercup, CrowfootRanunculaceaeThalictrum polyganumTall MeadowrueN Rare. Along creek bank.
BarberryBerberidaceaePodophyllum peltatumMayapple, Mandrake, Umbrella PlantN Frequent. Patches in open woods.
PoppyPapaveraceaeSanguinaria canadensisBloodrootN Occasional. Slopes in moist woods.
Bleeding HeartFumariaceaeCorydalis flavulaYellow Corydalis, Yellow HarlequinN Rare. Dry, open woods.
Bleeding HeartFumariaceaeDicentra cucullarisDutchman's BreechesN Rare. Woods.
CaperCapparidaceaeCleome sinosaSpiderflowerA Rare. Escape.
Mustard, CressCruciferaaeAllaria officinalisGarlic MustardA Rare. Wood edge.
Mustard, CressCruciferaaeArabis lyrataLyre-leaved RockcressN Rare.
Mustard, CressCruciferaaeBarbarea vulgarisYellow Rocket, WinterCressA Frequent. Open woods.
Mustard, CressCruciferaaeBerteroa incanaHoary AlyssumA Rare. Dry, open areas.
Mustard, CressCruciferaaeBrassica rapaField Mustard, Rape, TurnipA Rare. Open areas.
Mustard, CressCruciferaaeCapsella bursa-pastorisShepherd's PurseA Occasional. Roadsides.
Mustard, CressCruciferaaeCardamine hirsutaHairy BitterCressA Occasional. Open sun.
Mustard, CressCruciferaaeC. pennsylvanicaPennsylvania BitterCressN Rare. Along creek.
Mustard, CressCruciferaaeDentaria laciniataCut-leaf Crinkleroot, ToothwortN Frequent. Moist woods.
Mustard, CressCruciferaaeLepidium virginicumPoor-man's PeppergrassN Occasional. Roadsides.
Mustard, CressCruciferaaeSisymbrium altissimumTumble MustardA Rare. Waste places.
Mustard, CressCruciferaaeThlaspi arvensePennyCressA Occasional. Waste places.
Sedum StonecropCrassulaceaeSedum acreMossy StonecropA Rare. Rocks.
Sedum StonecropCrassulaceaeS. telephiumLive-forever, OrpineA Roadwide. Moist places.
Sedum StonecropCrassulaceaeS. ternatumTriplet StonecropN Rare. Damp rocks.
[Saxifrage Family][Saxifragaceae]Heuchera amerianaAlumrootN Occasional. Dry wood openings.
[Saxifrage Family][Saxifragaceae]Penthorum sedoidesDitch StonecropN Rare. Moist spots.
[Saxifrage Family][Saxifragaceae]Saxifraga virginiensisEarly SaxifrageN Rare. Rocks.
RoseRosaceaeAgrimonia parvifloraAgrimonyN Rare. Moist open spots.
RoseRosaceaeA. pubescensAgrimonyN Rare. Moist open spots.
RoseRosaceaeAruncus dioicusGoat'sBeardN Rare. Shaded streambank.
RoseRosaceaeDuchesnea indicaIndian StrawberryA Frequent. Open sun.
RoseRosaceaeFragaria virginianaWild StrawberryN Occasional. Open sun.
RoseRosaceaeGeum aleppicumYellow AvensNU Rare. Moist open spots.
RoseRosaceaeG. canadenseWhite AvensN Rare. Open woods.
RoseRosaceaeG. lacinatumHairy White AvensN Rare. Open woods.
RoseRosaceaePotentilla canadensisDwarf CinquefoilN Occasional. Open woods.
RoseRosaceaeP. rectaRough-fruited CinquefoilA Rare. Moist meadows.
RoseRosaceaeP. simplexCommon CinquefoilN Frequent. Open woods.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeCassia fasciculataPartridgePeaN Rare. Dry soil.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeC. nictitansSensitive PlantN Occasional. Dry soil, sun.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeClitoria marianaButterfly PeaN Rare. Dry soil.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeDesmodium canescensHoary Tick-trefoilN Frequent. Open woods.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeD. glutinosumPointed-leaved or Whorled Tick-trefoilN Frequent. Open woods.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeD. nudiflorumNaked Tick-trefoilN Frequent. Open woods.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeD. paniculatumPanicled Tick-trefoilN Occasional. Open woods.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeLespedeza intermediaWandlike Bush-cloverN Occasional. Wood openings.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeL. repensCreeping Bush-cloverN Along path.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeL. striataJapanese Bush-cloverA Occasional. Sunny areas.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeL. violaceaViolet Bush-cloverN Rare. Open woods.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeMelilotus albusWhite Sweet-cloverA Frequent. Open areas.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeM. officinalisYellow Sweet-cloverA Infrequent. Open areas.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeStrophostyles umbellataPink Wild BeanN Rare. Sandy soil in sun.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeTrifolium agrariumHop-CloverA Rare. Open areas.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeT. arvenseRabbit-foot CloverA Rare. Open fields.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeT. dubiumLeast Hop-cloverA Frequent. Dry
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeT. pratenseRed CloverA Occasional. Roadside, open areas.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeT. procumbensSmaller hop-cloverA Rare. Dry, open areas.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeT. repensWhite CloverA Frequent. Roadsides, open areas.
Oxalis, Wood-SorrelOxalidaceaeOxalis corniculaCreeping Wood SorrelA Occasional. Open areas.
Oxalis, Wood-SorrelOxalidaceaeO. strictaLady's Sorrel, Yellow Wood-SorrelN Frequent
FlaxLinaceaeLinum usitatissimumBlue FlaxA Rare. Waste land.
GeraniumGeraniaceaeGeranium carolinianumCarolina Crane's-billN Rare. Dry, sandy soil
GeraniumGeraniaceaeG. maculatumWild GeraniumN Rare. Shady, moist woods.
SpurgeEuphorbiaceaeAcalypha virginicaThree-seeded MercuryN Occasional. Open areas.
SpurgeEuphorbiaceaeEuphorbia corollataFlowering SpurgeN Occasional. Open
Touch-Me-NotBalsaminaceaeImpatiens capensisSpotted Jewel-weed, Lady's EarringsN Frequent. Moist areas by creek.
MallowMalvaceaeSida spinosaPrickly MallowN Rare. Creek bank.
St. JohnswortHypericaceaeHypericum mutilumDwarf St. JohnswortN Rare. Open sun.
St. JohnswortHypericaceaeH. ellipticumPale St. JohnswortNU Rare. Moist woods.
St. JohnswortHypericaceaeH. perforatumCommon St. JohnswortA Rare. Open sun.
VioletViolaceaeViola cucullataMarsh VioletN Frequent. Moist areas by creek.
VioletViolaceaeV. papilionaceaCommon Blue VioletN Frequent. Sunny, moist areas.
VioletViolaceaeV. priceanaConfederate VioletA Frequent. Sunny, moist areas.
VioletViolaceaeV. kitaibelliana rafinesquiiField PansyA Rare. Patches in moist areas in sun.
VioletViolaceaeV. striataCream VioletN Rare. Moist, shady areas.
Evening PrimroseOnagraceaeCircaea quadrisculcataEnchanter's NightshadeN Frequent. Patches in moist, shady woods.
Evening PrimroseOnagraceaeEpilobium angustifoliumFireweedNU Rare. Open sun.
Evening PrimroseOnagraceaeGaura biennisBiennial GauraA Rare. Creek bank.
Evening PrimroseOnagraceaeLudwigia palternifoliaSeedboxN Rare. Near creek in sun.
Evening PrimroseOnagraceaeL. palustrisWater PurslaneN Rare. Shallow water.
Evening PrimroseOnagraceaeOenothera biennisTall Evening PrimroseN Rare. Stream bank.
Evening PrimroseOnagraceaeO. laciniataCut-leaved Evening PrimroseN Rare. Open areas.
Evening PrimroseOnagraceaeO. tetragonaSundropsN Rare. Open fields.
GinsingAraliaceaeAralia racemosaSpikenardN Rare. Rich woods.
ParsleyUmbelliferaeAngelica apropurpuraAngelicaNU Rare. Creek bank.
ParsleyUmbelliferaeCicuta maculataWater HemlockN Rare. Creek bank.
ParsleyUmbelliferaeCryptotaenia canadenseHonewortN Frequent. Bottomland woods.
ParsleyUmbelliferaeDaucus carotaQueen Anne's Lace, Wild CarrotA Frequent. Open fields.
ParsleyUmbelliferaeOsmorhiza claytoniSweet CicelyN Frequent. Bottomland woods.
ParsleyUmbelliferaeO. longistylisSweet Cicely (long-haired)N Occasional. Bottomland woods.
ParsleyUmbelliferaeSanicula marilandicaBlack SnakerootNU Rare. Open woods.
PyrolaPyrolaceaeChimpaphila maculataMottled Pipsissiwa, Spotted WintergreenN Rare. Dry woods.
PyrolaPyrolaceaeMonotropa unifloraIndian-pipe, Corpse FlowerN Rare. Woods.
HeathEricaceaeEpigaea repensTrailing ArbutusN Rare. Sunny rocks.
PrimrosePrimulaceaeLysimachia ciliatum (Steironema ciliatum)Fringed LoosestrifeN Occasional.
PrimrosePrimulaceaeL. lanceolatumLance-leaved LoosestrifeN Rare. Moist, sun.
PrimrosePrimulaceaeL. quadrifoliaWhorled LoosestrifeN Occasional. Open sun.
DogbaneApocynaceaeApocynum cannabinumWhite Dogbane, Indian HempN Rare.
MilkweedAsclepiadaceaeAsclepias incarnataSwamp MilkweedN Rare. Sunny, wet spots.
MilkweedAsclepiadaceaeA. tuberoseButterfly-weedN Rare. Dry
PhloxPolemoniaceaePhlox divaricataBlue PhloxN Occasional. Open woods.
PhloxPolemoniaceaeP. paniculataFall PhloxN Rare. Moist, sunny areas.
For-Get-Me-NotBoraginaceaeMertensia virginicaVirginia BluebellsN Rare. Moist streambottom.
VervainVerbenaceaeVerbena urticifoliaWhite VervainN Rare. Thicket, open woods.
MintLabiataeAgastache scrophularifoliaPurple Giant HyssupNU Rare. Moist ground.
MintLabiataeCollinsonia canadensisHorse-balm, StonerootN Frequent. Woods.
MintLabiataeGlecoma hederaceaeGill-over-the-ground, Ground IvyA Common.
MintLabiataeLamium amplexicauleHenbitA Rare. Roadsides, waste ground.
MintLabiataeL. purpureumPurple or Red DeadnettleA Rare. Waste ground.
MintLabiataeMentha aquarieaWater MintA Rare. Wet places.
MintLabiataeM. arvenseWild MintN Rare. Open, sunny creekbank.
MintLabiataeM. spicataSpearmintA Rare. Moist spots near creek.
MintLabiataePerilla fruitescensPerilla, Beefsteak-PlantA Occasional. Roadsides.
MintLabiataePrunella vulgarisSelf-heal, Heal-allA Common. Moist spots.
MintLabiataeSalvia lyrataRosette SageN Frequent. Open woods.
MintLabiataeSatureja vulgarisBasilN Rare. Wood edges.
MintLabiataeScutellaria ellipticaHairy SkullcapN Rare. Dry woods.
MintLabiataeTeucrium canadenseGermander, Wood SageN Occasional. Thickets.
MintLabiataeThymus serpyllumThymeA Rare. Grass in open sun.
PotatoSolanaceaeSolanum carolinenseHorse NettleN Infrequent. Along creek.
PotatoSolanaceaeS. dulcamaraNightshade, False BittersweetA Rare. Moist thickets.
PotatoSolanaceaeS. nigrumBlack or Deadly Night ShadeA Rare. Open creekbank.
SnapdragonScrophulariaceaeGratiola aureaGolden Hedge-hyssop, Golden PertN Rare. Wet spots.
SnapdragonScrophulariaceaeLindernia anagallidiaFalse PimpernelN Rare. Low in grass.
SnapdragonScrophulariaceaeMazus japonicusMazusA Rare. Low in grass.
SnapdragonScrophulariaceaePenstamin hirsutusHairy BeardtongueN Rare. Woods.
SnapdragonScrophulariaceaeVerbascum blattariaMoth Mullein (yellow)A Rare. Roadsides, waste ground.
SnapdragonScrophulariaceaeV. thapsusCommon Mullein, Velvet PlantA Rare. Rocky slopes.
SnapdragonScrophulariaceaeVeronica officinalisSpeedwellN Frequent. Dry soil.
SnapdragonScrophulariaceaeV. arvensisCorn SpeedwellA Rare.
BroomrapeOrobanchaceaeOrobanche unifloraPale Broomrape, Cancer-rootN Rare. Open woods or thickets.
Madder, BedstrawRubiaceaeGalium aparineCleaversN Frequent. Thickets.
Madder, BedstrawRubiaceaeG. triflorumBedstrawN Occasional. Moist woods.
Madder, BedstrawRubiaceaeG. verumLady's BedstrawA Rare. Open areas.
Madder, BedstrawRubiaceaeHoustonia caeruleaBluets, Quaker LadiesN Frequent. Patches in open areas.
Madder, BedstrawRubiaceaeH. lanceolataLance-leaved HoustoniaN Infrequent. Open areas.
Madder, BedstrawRubiaceaeH. longifoliaLong-leaved Bluets, TuffyN Occasional. Dry soil.
Madder, BedstrawRubiaceaeH. purpureaHoustoniaN Open woods.
Bellfower, BluebellCampanulaceaeSpecularia perfoliataVenus' Looking-glass, MirrorweedN Rare. Open sun.
LobeliaLobeliaceaeLobelia cardinalisCardinal FlowerN Rare. Stream bank.
LobeliaLobeliaceaeL. elongataLongleaf LobeliaNU Rare. Wet spots.
LobeliaLobeliaceaeL. inflataIndian TobaccoN Occasional. Open woods.
LobeliaLobeliaceaeL. siphiliticaGreat Lobelia (blue)N Rare. Wet spots.
LobeliaLobeliaceaeL. spikataSpiked or Meadow LobeliaN Rare. Thicket, open woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeAchillea lanulosaYarrowA Rare. Roadsides, open areas.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeAmbrosia artemisifoliaCommon RagweedN Occasional. Roadsides.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeA. trifidaBuffalo Weed, Great RagweedN Rare. Sunny areas.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeA. trifolia var. integrifoliaWhole-leaved Buffalo WeedN Rare. Sunny areas.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeAntenaria neglectaField PussytoesN Rare.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeArtemisia vulgarisWild Chrysanthemum, MugwortA Frequent. Open areas.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeAster divaricatusWild Wood AsterN Frequent. Open woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeA. ericoidesHeath AsterNU Frequent. Open fields.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeA. lateriflorusStarved or Calico AsterN Occasional. Open areas.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeA. novae-angliasNew England AsterN Rare. Near creek.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeA. pilosusAsterN Occasional. Dry fields and roadsides.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeA. puniceusRed-stalked or Purple-stemmed AsterN Rare. Along stream bank.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeA. sagittifoliusArrow-leaved AsterNU Rare. Dry, open woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeA. undulatusWavy-leaved AsterN Rare. Dry, open woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeBidens aristosaBur-marigold, Tick-seed SunflowerN Rare. Moist, open areas.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeB. bipinnaiSpanish NeedlesN Rare. Roadside.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeB. coronataTickseed SunflowerN Occasional. Open sun.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeB. frontosaSticktightsN Occasional. Waste places.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeB. tripartitaTrifid Beggar-ticksA Rare. Open woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeChrysanthemum leucanthemumOx-eye DaisyA Rare. Dry, open areas.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeC. partheniumFeverfewA Rare. Open areas.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeChrysopsis marianaMaryland GoldenasterN Rare. Open sun.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeCichorium intybusChicory, SuccoryA Rare. Roadsides.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeCirsium arvenseCanada ThistleA Rare. Open sun.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeC. discolorField or Plumed ThistleN Rare. Open sun.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeElephantopus carolinianusElephant's footN Frequent. Shady paths.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeErechtites hieracifoliaPilewort, FireweedN Occasional. Clearings, thickets.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeErigeron annusDaisy FleabaneN Occasional. Open area.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeE. canadensisHorseweed, ButterweedN Frequent. Roadsides.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeE. pulchellusRobin's PlantainN Rare. Open areas.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeEupatorium coelestinumMist FlowerN Occasional. Moist, sunny spots.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeE. fistulosumJoe-Pye-weedN Rare. Moist thickets.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeE. perfoliatumBonesetN Rare. Moist ground, thickets.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeE. pilosumHairy ThoroughwortN Rare. Moist ground.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeE. rugosumWhite SnakerootN Occasional. Open woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeGalinsoga ciliataGalinsoga, QuickweedA Frequent. Anywhere.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeGnaphalium obtusifoliumSweet Everlasting, CatfootN Occasional. Dry areas.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeHelenium nudiflorumPurple-headed SneezeweedN Rare. Stream banks.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeHelianthus divaricatusRoute Woodland SunflowerN Rare. Open woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeHieracium pratenseKing Devil, Yellow HawkweedA Rare. Open sun.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeH. venosumRattlesnake-weedN Rare. Open woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeHypochoeris radicataCat's earA Rare. Grassy places.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeKrigia virginiaCynthia, Dwarf DandelionN Rare. Dry areas.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeLactuca canadensisWild Lettuce, Gall-of-the-EarthN Rare. Dry, sunny areas.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeL. floridansBlue LettuceN Rare. Thickets.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeL. scariolaPrickly LettuceA Rare. Open sun.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaePrenanthes albaWhite RattlesnakerootN Rare. Thicket.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeRudbeckia hirtaBlack-eyed SusanA Rare. Open sun.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeR. laciniataCut-leaf Coneflower, Wild GoldenglowN Rare. Moist bottomland.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeSericocarpus asteroidesToothed, White-topped AsterN Occasional. Along paths.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeSenecio aureusGolden Ragwort, Golden GroundselN Rare. Low, moist woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeS. pauperculusBalsalm RagwortN Rare. Field edge.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeSilphium trifoliatumWhorled RosinweedN Rare. Open woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeSolidago bicolorSilver-road, Creamy GoldenrodN Rare. Dry, open woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeS. caesiaWreath or Blue-stem GoldenrodN Occasional. Open woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeS. canadensisCanada GoldenrodN Occasional. Roadsides.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeS. erectaSlender GoldenrodN Occasional . Roadsides.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeS. graminifoliaGrass-leaved GoldenrodN Rare. Open fields.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeS. junceaEarly or Plume GoldenrodN Frequent. Fields and roadsides.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeS. nemoralisGray GoldenrodN Frequent. Roadsides.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeS. ulmifoliaElm-leaved GoldenrodN Occasional. Dry woods.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeTaxacum officinaleCommon DandelionA Frequent. Open, grassy spots.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeVernonia noveboracensisNew York IronweedN Rare. Near creek.
Daisy, Sunflower, compositeCompositaeXanthium chineseClotbur, CockleburN Occasional. Sandy shore.
GroupPlant FamilyScientific NameCommon NameNotes
LilyLiliaceaeDioscorea quaternataWild YamN Occasional. Moist woods.
LilyLiliaceaeD. villosaWild YamN Rare. Moist woods.
LilyLiliaceaeSmilax glaucaCatbrier or HorsebrierN Occasional. Moist woods.
LilyLiliaceaeS. rotundifoliaSawbrier or GreenbrierN Occasional. Moist woods.
BirthwortAristolochiaceaeAristolochia duriorDutchman's Pipe, PipevineMN Rare. Near stream bank. Naturalized from yard planting. Native to MD mountains.
Smartweed, BuckwheatPolyganaceaePolygonum scandensClimbing False BuckwheatN Rare. Open on creek bank.
Smartweed, BuckwheatPolyganaceaeP. subertiSilvervine FleeceflowerA Rare. Open areas.
Buttercup, CrowfootRanunculaceaeClematis paniculataSweetautumn ClematisA Rare. Wood openings.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeAmphicarpa bracteataHog-peanutN Frequent. Oepn woods.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeApios americanaGround-nut, Wild BeanN Moist thickets.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeLathyrus latifoliusPerennial or Everlasting PeaA Rare. Open sun.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaePueraria thunbergianaKudzu VineA Rare. Exposed banks.
Bean, PeaLeguminosaeVicia sativaSpring VetchA Rare. Open sun.
CashewAnacardiaceaeRhus radicansPoison IvyN Common. Open and in second growth woods.
VinesVitaceaeParthenocissus quinquefoliaWoodbine, Virginia CreeperN Frequent. Wood openings and along parkway.
VinesVitaceaeVitis aestevalisSummer GrapeN Occasional. Thickets.
VinesVitaceaeV. labruceaFox GrapeN Frequent. Thickets.
VinesVitaceaeV. palmataCat GrapeAU Rare. Thickets. Mis-id; similar to V. vulpina; Cat Grape not native to Maryland.
VinesVitaceaeV. ripariaRiverbank GrapeNU Rare. Along creek. Perhaps confused with the similar V. vulpina; native along Potomac.
Ginsing, IvyAraliaceaeHedera helixEnglish IvyA Infrequent. Escape, found near houses.
DogbaneApocynaceaeVinca minorPeriwinkle, MyrtleA Occasional. Groundcover in woods.
Morning-GloryConvolvulaceaeConvolvulus arvensisField BindweedA Rare. Along stream.
Morning-GloryConvolvulaceaeC. sepiumHedge BindweedN Infrequent. Open areas.
Morning-GloryConvolvulaceaeCuscuta gronoviiDodderN Rare. In low ground, thickets.
Morning-GloryConvolvulaceaeIpomoea hederaceaIvy-leaved Morning-GloryN Rare. Open, moist places.
Morning-GloryConvolvulaceaeI. pandurataBig-root Morning-GloryN Infrequent. Stream banks.
HoneysuckleCaprifoliaceaeLonicera japonicaJapanese HoneysuckleA Ubiquitous.
BoxBuxaceaePachysandra terminalisPachysandra, Japanese SpurgeA Rare. Escape near houses.
Key to the Codes in the Notes Column:
N = Native to Sligo Watershed
A = Alien, not native to Maryland; most are not even native to North America
U = Unlikely to be Found in the Sligo Watershed
NC = Native to Coastal Plain of Sligo Watershed
NU = Native to Maryland but highly unlikely to be found in Sligo Watershed
AU = Not native to Maryland AND highly unlikely to be found in Sligo Watershed
MD = Native to Maryland, but not native to Sligo Watershed; planted in Park, NOT Naturalizing
MN = Native to Maryland, but not native to Sligo Watershed; planted in Park and Naturalizing
UN = Not a recognized botanical name. Uncertain as to species.