Friends of Sligo Creek
October 12, 2009
Stormwater Committee Meeting


Ed Murtagh
Kit Gage
Jenny Reed
Jim Fary
Kathy Michels
Eliza Reed

Mid Project Evaluation PowerPoint for DEP

The mid-term assessment on raingarden projects was presented last week to the Maryland DEP.

Fall Projects

We are looking at several neighborhoods, including Sierra Landing, Burnt Mills Hills, Sligo Headwaters, and 3 Oaks as possible candidates for rainscapes/raingardens.

In order to fulfill our grant requirements, we need to continue setting up neighborhood meetings, followed by assessments and walk-throughs with recommendations for solutions other than raingardens where appropriate, and organize those sites where raingardens will be put in.

Sligo Overlook community garden was planted last week with the help of Boy Scouts (an Eagle Project.). FOSC got a grant to provide technical oversight.

Brookside Gardens is offering FOSC some plants which can be planted at existing raingardens.

Outreach Events

At the November AWCAC meeting, Ed & Diane will be speaking about trying to organize communities to manage stormwater on homeowner yards..

Ed will be meeting with the board of FOSC this week. He will update the Board on our activities and request funding for modest outreach efforts.

We discussed providing outreach and owner maintenance material for homeowners who get new raingardens. DEP was supposed to make a homeowners manual and yard signage, but that hasn’t happened yet and no word on when, if ever, it will happen. NNWB is going ahead without DEP on yard signage for front yard projects. We should consider this too.