Stream restoration is a hot topic in Montgomery County. To engage county residents on the issues, DEP has recently announced a free 4-part webinar series focusing on Montgomery County stream restoration. The series is now open for registration. The sessions will include a listening session and a dialogue session, as well as practices used by DEP to carry out current projects and plan future restorations.

  1. Listening Session for DEP to hear from MoCo residents about stream restoration;
  2. Dialogue on Watershed Management/Restoration;
  3. Stream Restoration in practice; and
  4. Planning for Future Stream Restorations

DEP will start the webinar series on Nov 17 at 7pm. Sadie Drescher of the Chesapeake Bay Trust will moderate the listening session. It is an opportunity for residents to share their perspective, questions and concerns on stream restoration issues. If you’d like to speak, register for a 5 minute speaking slot. DEP plans to refine the content of the 3 subsequent webinars to incorporate the issues and questions expressed at this listening session.

Sign up for one session or all four at All sessions will be recorded and available to the public. 

To learn more about each session of this stream restoration webinar series, visit the DEP website. Select the “Water” tile at the top right.

The FOSC Stormwater page has information and resources on projects that affect the Creek and its tributaries. FOSC encourages residents to get involved in stream restoration and stormwater management issues in the Sligo watershed.