Sligo Stream Restoration Project

If you notice heavy equipment and large building materials just upstream from Colesville Road, that’s because Montgomery Parks is conducting a creek restoration project and netting across Sligo will keep fish from work areas during stream bed restoration.

Black plastic pipes will divert creek water around the restoration site during the work. (Wilpers photos) replacing a pedestrian bridge over Sligo Creek. The work is taking place between Brunett Avenue and Dallas Avenue. It started in June and will wrap up this fall.

The project will repair erosion caused by runoff from dense development within the watershed, allow easier movement for fish (we have 17 species, at last count), increase oxygen levels in the water, and diversify habitat within the stream for aquatic insects and other animals by creating more varied environments (quiet pools, fast-moving runs, and undulating ripples).

Among others things, the work involves removing two old grade-control structures and installing rock cross-vanes, Jhooks, and rocky riffles.

During this work, the stream water is being pumped around the site through 18-inch black piping. Nets upstream and downstream from the site will prevent fish from entering the area.

Before work began, biologists utilized electrofishing to capture and relocate fish to other parts of the creek. The project will include the realignment of the trail and installation of a new bridge.

Trails will remain open throughout construction but work crews will occasionally need to interrupt and direct traffic. Use caution around the
worksite. Once complete, the project will provide both safer access for Park users and improved ecological functions within the creek.