Mini-sweeps at 3 trash hot spots yielded an impressive amount of trash from the creeks over the President’s Day weekend.

Altogether, 101 volunteers hauled 118 bags of trash, 8 bags of recyclables, and a large number of bulk trash items such as shopping carts, bike frames and wheels, ladders, paint cans, furniture, lumber, a mattress, tires, etc.

Thank you to the Ed Murtagh and Nick Clements for coordinating these events, to the stewards who led the cleanups at the three sites – Susan DeFord (Wheaton Branch ponds), Lyn Hardy and Kristin Zimmer (Sligo at Rt. 410 East/West Highway), and Chris Richardson (Piney Branch and Sligo) – and to all the volunteers who came out on a beautiful day to do a lot of good!