Litter Committee Minutes
November 9, 2006

Feedback on Sweep

  • Some volunteers would like a Sunday cleanup. Jennifer may do spring Sunday cleanup.
  • Wendi will oversupply Takoma Park sections.
  • We will explore again getting some banners, trying for grant?

Spring cleanups have been held on two weekends the past couple of years. Wendi has asked for Saturday Earth Day cleanup only for maximum results.

Update on post card initiative

It’s in limbo for now. We will find out what other watershed groups are doing and perhaps piggyback similar outreach effort.

Takoma Branch MWCOG LID initiative

We will find out what MWCOG wants FOSC to do and see how we can support them.


  • Investigate what other group are targeting and what trash reduction strategies work, such as increased street sweeping, and piggyback some of our efforts
  • Investigate storm grates
  • Use anti-trash signage in sign boxes
  • Investigate stenciling on storm water intakes