Frog Calls of Sligo Creek

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Wood Frog
Rana sylvatica
 CACK-A-CACK. Duck-like quacking or cackling, several harsh notes given in rapid succession : cack-a-cack or cack-a-hack, or craw-aw-auk. often repetitive: r-r-racket, r-r-racket, r-r-racket. Little carrying power. Also compared to round stones being clacked together
Northern Spring Peeper
Pseudacris crucifer
 PREEP. Single, clear, piercing, high-pitched, bird-like prreep that slurs upward at the end, given about once per second. From a distance, collective sound is like sleigh bells jingling. Closer, seems deafening.
Southern Leopard Frog
Rana sphenocephala
 CHU-HU-HU-HUCK. A series of 5 or more (sometimes 3-5) gutteral “chucking” notes or croaks, delivered as a stutter usually too fast to count: chu-hu-hu-hu-huck, chu-hu-hu-hu-huck, chu-hu-hu-hu-huck. Also described as a short chuckle-like guttural trill, or like the sound of rubbing a balloon
Striped Chorus Frog
Pseudacris triseriata
 CRRREEK. A rapid, metallic, regularly repeated series of crrreek sounds that rise in pitch, like rubbing a finger across the stiff teeth of a small comb. Repeated every 1-2 seconds
Eastern American Toad
Bufo americanus
 DREAMY TEMOLO. High, sweet, dreamlike tremolo, lasting several to 30 seconds or more, pausing for a few seconds, and then repeated. Can be imitated by whistling and humming a high note at the same time. Calls day and night during peak breeding season
Pickerel Frog
Rana palustris
 SNORE Harsh, low-pitched snore lasting one to three seconds. Males can call while submerged.
Eastern Spadefoot Toad
Scaphiopus holbrookii
 WANK! Loud, abrupt, explosive, nasal squawk, wank or errrrrrah! Repeated every 2 seconds. Comparable to geese honking or the noise made by rubbing a balloon; Carries for half-mile or more.
Northern Cricket Frog
Acris crepitans
 CLICKS. A series of metallic clicks given in quick succession; resembles the rapid clicking together of two small stones.
Fowler’s Toad
Bufo woodhousii
 WAAAAAA! Loud, nasal, buzzy, discordant, low-pitched bleat, waaaaaaa! Like a baby crying. Lasts 1-5 seconds and carries over a distance
Green Tree Frog
Hyla cinera
 QUANK-QUANK-QUANK. A ringing or bell-like queenk-queenk-queenk or quank-quank-quank, repeated about once per second. Hundreds or thousands may sing in competition in good habitat.
Green Frog
Rana clamitans
 C-TUNG! Low, explosive, twangy c-tung, gunk! or gung! Three or four resonant notes sounding like a plucking a loose string on a banjo.
Rana catesbeiana
 JUG-O-RUM! Loud, vibrant , resonant, deep bass jug-o’-rum heard over great distances. Also rendered as a stuttering ru-u-u-umm . . . ru-u-u-umm . . . ru-u-u-umm
Gray Treefrog
Hyla versicolor
 TRILL. A short, vibrant, flute-like trill, lasting about half a second and repeated every few seconds. Carries over long distances. Can be almost deafening if a pond is full of frogs.