What’s in the Water?

The First Annual FOSC Sligo Creek Water Quality Meeting

The Water Quality committee – Anne Vorce, Pat Ratkowski, Paul Chrostowski – and guests Mike Smith, FOSC President, Elaine Lamirande from the FOSC Stormwater Committee, Kit Gage from the Advocacy Committee, and Rachel Gauza from the Park Dept’s Aquatics Resource Management office – presented a fascinating glimpse into the state of water quality of Sligo Creek today and trends over time.

These speakers discussed many facets of Sligo’s water quality: pollution and the importance of FOSC’s citizen-powered Water WatchDog pollution reporting and tracking program, microplastic and persistent chemical contaminants, sediment pollution, salts, water temperature, chemical and Coliform bacteria loads now and trends, macro-invertebrates in the Creek, the impact of the increasingly powerful stormwater events in our area, and FOSC’s advocacy work.

We then opened things up for questions, observations, and suggestions on Friends of Sligo Creek’s water quality program. View the video of the presentation below:

We hope you will join us in working to protect and restore Sligo Creek. Visit the main Water Quality page and the Get Involved page to learn about volunteering, joining and supporting FOSC.

— Pat, Anne, Paul, Dean, and Chris

Water Quality Committee (WQ at fosc.org)
Water WatchDogs (reportsligopollution at fosc.org)