Faring well? Sligo and Long Branch in a warming climate

How healthy are Sligo, Long Branch and NW Branch? The Water Quality Committee of FOSC invites you to join Anacostia Riverkeeper, FOSC, and NNWB for a look at the findings from this year’s Summer Volunteer Water Quality monitoring program. The online presentation will begin at 7:00pm on Tuesday, October 17, with ample time for Q&A. Please read on for our special guests and the meeting link.

This summer’s volunteer WQ monitoring program ran from May through September, focusing on physical measurements like temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen, as well as pollutants like turbidity and coliform bacteria. Every two weeks, dedicated volunteers took measurements and grabbed water samples at five sites along Long Branch, Northwest Branch, and Sligo Creek. Along the way, they kept an eye on the health of these streams, and came up with some water quality results that may surprise you!

In addition, Anacostia Riverkeeper will share data and trends on bacteria levels and other water quality parameters they have found at sites across the rest of the Upper Anacostia watershed, helping to paint a broader picture of stream health in our region.

And, we will be joined by wildlife biologists from M-NCPPC (Parks), who will share their insights into the ecology and biology of these streams, including a look at how vertebrate diversity is faring during this era of warmer temperatures and stronger storms.

Here is the Zoom link for the Summer WQ monitoring presentation.

9.20.2023 MoCo Water Quality testing results
9.20.2023 MoCo water quality testing results chart