Donate to FOSC to keep them clean and green –
Sligo Creek, Long Branch, Wheaton Branch and all the tributaries of the watershed!

Donate now to keep them clean and green! Wildlife in and around the Creek thank you for your support this giving season.

FOSC fights for the health and restoration of the Creeks, Branches, Streams and Runs in the Sligo watershed and the park land alongside them.

FOSC is all volunteer-driven, bringing you opportunities to:

  • learn about and become active in testing water quality,
  • pull invasive vines that are killing our trees,
  • plant native plants,
  • advocate for Creek-friendly policies and plans,
  • Sweep the Creek and address litter hot-spots,
  • encourage stormwater reduction on public and private land,
  • educate our communities to become stewards of our creeks and tributaries, and
  • get involved!

Your donation makes a difference here where you live and play. Put your environmental concern into action through a gift to Friends of Sligo Creek. Thank you!