Congrats, Ed Gertler, from all of us at FOSC!

Long-time FOSC member Ed Gertler has wracked up the highest number of volunteer hours of any Weed Warrior for 2022 in Montgomery County. Ed is out rain or shine most days of the week. In 2022, he logged 728 hours, mostly in Sligo Creek Park. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated Weed Warriors like Ed Gertler in our Sligo watershed!

In fact, Weed Warriors in Sligo Creek/Long Branch had the greatest number of Weed Warrior hours in 2022 of any park in the Montgomery Park Dept’s Weed Warrior program: 3,317 hours!

To learn more about Weed Warriors in Sligo, check out the Weed Warrior page on our website, and our Calendar of Events page for upcoming Weed Warrior events that are open to the public, as well as certified Weed Warrior-only events. For more info on how to get certified as a Weed Warrior, visit MoCo Park Dept’s Weed Warrior website.

Way to go! Thank you, all.