Report Water Line/Sewer Leaks, Water and Sewer Pipe Breaks, Overflow and Missing Manhole Covers

WSSC 24-hour Emergency Call Center: 301-206-4002

WSSC online reporting for emergency sewer/water problems:

WSSC’s water emergency email: [email protected]

WSSC report via twitter: @WSSCWaterNews

Keep track of your complaints – when, what said and to whom. You can view known problems and work orders in place on the WSSC In Your Neighborhood map to see if yours has been added.

Water and sewer line breaks happen all year round, but with increased frequency in the winter months.
— In the event you notice a pipe break (or smell sewage while walking in our parks), please first contact WSSC Water Emergency Call Center at 301.206.4002 or by visiting their website at: or emailing them at [email protected] anytime!

— Once WSSC has been alerted, notify Montgomery Parks at 301-495-2595 so coordination with WSSC can begin. If the issue occurs off park land, call 311 once WSSC has been notified.