Water WatchDogs – Report pollution in the creek or into storm drains anywhere in the Sligo Creek watershed

Water WatchDog Reporting link

1. Immediately send an email to [email protected] or submit a Water WatchDog Report.

Please include a photo, description of the problem, the time, and the location. It’s helpful if you also note any color, odor, bubbles, muddiness, and whether it’s floating, on the bottom, or throughout.

Your report or email will go immediately to DEP pollution detective Steve Martin and his team. During the week, they will investigate. If they can find the cause, they may be able to stop it and issue a fine.

2. After hours/on weekends also call the Park Police at 301-949-8010. They are the only respondents at those times. Describe the pollution as a pollution emergency. They will investigate.

3. Post your report on the FOSC listserv if you are a member of the listserv.

Thank you for helping to protect Sligo Creek.