Water Watchdog Report

What: Other - chlorinated water
Where: 9211 Kingsbury Drive Silver Spring - just downstream from Colesville Road
When: 2016-11-21
Reported By: Anne Vorce
Additional Details:

WSSC crew bleeding old hydrant without dechlorinating rushing water. Chlorine kills aquatic life. A lot of water poured down road and went into the Bennington Tributary. I alerted WSSC project manager and DEP through WWD email; plus spoke to crew on site. The crew diminished the rush of water, but it appears that the hydrant had been open for awhile.

Update Nov 22 – Investigations of Nancy Gehman’s WWD water pollution complaint are ongoing. Gretchen Ekstrom from Steve Martin’s team at DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) reported:

“I am still investigating. I spent two hours on Sligo Creek last week and found detergent in the water up to University. All the outfalls were dry up to that point.”

Anyone who has information on possible detergent discharges into the Creek in this area, please let Gretchen know via the Water WatchDog email [email protected]