Water Watchdog Report

What: Other - chlorinated water
Where: Bennington Drive, between Pershing and Greenbriar in Silver Spring
When: 2016-11-11
Reported By: Anne Vorce
Additional Details:

Water has been pooling in the road at Bennington Drive and Pershing for at least 24 hours. The adjacent park ground, next to a well-used playground and near large trees we are trying to keep healthy, is becoming saturated. I contacted WSSC via the 911 number and its emergency email. WSSC is protecting Sligo Creek with a riprap barrier over the Greenbriar Stream channel at the end of Bennington Drive. See the section 5 map. While this may limit sediment going into the Creek, chlorinated water – which harms aquatic life – is flowing into the Creek.

Update: 10am, Sun, Nov 12, by Anne Vorce
WSSC dispatched an inspector this morning. The problem reflects a water main break. The community was told that a WSSC crew would do a repair today.

With the pooling water for at least 24 hours, I had increasing concerns about hazards to people and their pets, saturated root systems of the large beautiful trees we are trying to keep healthy, and damage to the nearby playground. This has also meant that Sligo Creek received alot of chlorinated water, which kills aquatic life. Ironically (or unfortunately), the water main break leak has been flowing through a tributary (via the historic Greenbriar Stream Valley) which has just been restored by WSSC, to improve aquatic and woodland habitat

Update – Sun, Nov 13
WSSC came yesterday afternoon (Saturday, November 12) and appears to have fixed the water main break. No more water is actively flowing and the area has pretty much dried up. Thanks to WSSC ! (Also, I imagine a big shout out is in order for DEP, whose water detective team helps us watch over Sligo Creek – particularly Gretchen Ekstrom from Steve Martin’s team).