Water Watchdog Report

What: Sedimentary pollution
Where: in the 400 Block Ellsworth Drive in Silver Spring
When: 2013-10-07 at 8:30 am
Reported By: Kathleen Samiy
Additional Details:

Rain washed large amount of soil from a front yard in the 400 Block Ellsworth Drive in Silver Spring into public storm drain and into Sligo-Bennington Tributary about 500 feet away.

8:30am Owner advised by neighbors during height of storm to stabilize and prevent soil runoff. He added several small hay bales at the street edge. It reduced soil run off a little, but didn’t stop it.
5pm DEP water quality team notified. DEP water quality team was notified through report sligo pollution email alert system, and asked if they could help and/or advise neighbor on best practices and how to stabilize the site. (DEP staff visited on Tuesday Oct 8, dropped off literature and education materials that offered preventative measures.)

One photo shows the site at the height of the storm. The yard had been exposed for 3 weeks and had no soil stabilization despite weather warnings of an approaching storm bring flash flooding.

Another photo shows how the unstable soil eroded off the yard, washed across the street and into the public storm drain, which feeds into the Sligo Bennington tributary.

One photo shows the Sligo Bennington tributary outfall, where all storm water from Ellsworth Drive (from City Place Mall and the Civic Building) flows downhill and past the home with the unstable soil, and into Sligo Creek. The water was exceptionally violent because 5 blocks uphill sandbags, placed by the developer of Chelsea Heights, blocked two public storm drains and thrust all the sites storm water onto the public street through downhill storm drains and into the creek.