Water Watchdog Report

What: Bad odor smelling like sewage gas
Where: around the creek near where the Sweep-the-Creek was set up
When: 2013-09-27 at afternoon
Reported By: Anne Vorce
Additional Details:

The afternoon of 9/27 and the morning of 9/28, several people smelled sewage gas around the creek near where the Sweep-the-Creek table was set up.

The smell appeared to be coming from the WSSC manhole #06035008U, located near Sligo Creek on the right side of the parking lot on Sligo Creek Parkway (if you’re facing the Creek). The nearest intersection is Sligo Creek Parkway and Three Oaks Drive.

I have called in today’s problem to WSSC, who said that they would send an inspector. I also reported the pollution through Water WatchDogs so the County’s Department of Environmental Protection would know.

This site is upstream from a sewage overflow situation, reported to WSSC on September 15 and which is still being investigated.

I do not know if the two situations are related.

As of October 2, 2013

DEP Investigates Sligo Creek Sewage Odor Complaint: Finds WSSC Cover Doesn’t Sit Properly

DEP investigator Gretchen Ekstrom responded to a sewage odor complaint by a Water WatchDog at Sewer Vault # 06035008U, the first business day after the complaint was made. (The sewer vault cover is located on the edge of the parking lot near Sligo Creek Parkway and Three Oaks Drive.) Ms. Ekstrom inspected the vault and didn’t find any irregularities. She however noticed that the cover was not sitting properly in the ring so she removed the cover and cleaned the ring. Still, she reported to us, the cover still doesn’t sit properly on the ring – which is the source of the odor. She stated that she will follow up with WSSC.