Water Watchdog Report

What: Red Water
Where: Outfall a few feet upstream from New Hampshire Ave on the left bank
When: 2015-08-15 at 2:00 PM
Reported By: Clair Garman
Additional Details:

Sent email to ReportPollution at fosc.org on Saturday.
On Monday morning, Aug 17, received a phone call from Gretchen Ekstrom from Montgomery DEP. I described the location in detail and thereafter met her at the site, where the water flow was now clear, running over a rust stained outfall discharge slope. The stain was less bright red than when flowing on Saturday. Gretchen continued her investigation.

Followup: Email from Gretchen Ekstrom, Environmental Health Specialist, Department of Environmental Protection
Mr. Garman,
Thank you for meeting me last week concerning a possible pollutant discharge on Sligo Creek. Using a storm drain map, I opened manhole covers up stream of the outfall. I did find a red substance in one of the pipes coming from the direction of Erskine St but no liquid was flowing through the pipe. I drove through the Erskine Street neighborhood and businesses on the east side of New Hampshire Ave. I was unable to determine the origin of the substance you reported since too much time had elapsed. I also checked downstream on Sligo Creek and found no aquatic mortality due to the event. In addition, I conducted two additional inspections of the outfall including driving around the area and found no further pollutant discharges.