Water Watchdog Report

What: Paint Discharge
Where: At Schuyler Road storm drain (next to bridge directly below Schuyler and Sligo Creek Parkway intersection)
When: 2014-07-30 at 6:00 PM
Reported By: Ann Hobbs
Additional Details:

While walking the Sligo Trail on the evening of July 30, I was extremely perturbed to notice a milky white discharge at the mouth of the Schuyler Road storm drain. When it was still present the next morning, I called the county DEP and reported it. Late the next day I received a phone message from DEP that the substance appeared to be paint, and that they had spoken to personnel at the apartment complex up the hill and requested preventive measures to avoid future incidents. The pollution remained in the vicinity of the storm drain until the morning of August 2, when it had apparently been washed down the creek by Friday night’s rain.

I am concerned that it took a day for DEP to send someone to the scene for this incident, and also wondering if there is some alternative to just letting toxic substances flow down the creek to the river. I was all the more alarmed to learn that there have been continuing construction related problems at this location. Are there ever any consequences for the polluters?