Water Watchdog Report

What: Muddy water
Where: Chelsea town home construction site, at the corner of Springvale and Ellsworth, Silver Spring
When: 2015-07-02 at 10:00 AM
Reported By: Maria Schmit
Additional Details:

Seven Oaks-Evanswood Resident Maria Schmit once again Documents Muddy Runoff from the Chelsea Construction Site near Downtown Silver Spring

The Chelsea site sedimented Sligo Creek once again today (Thursday, July 2) in the rain. The guilty party was that pesky corner of Springvale and Ellsworth – the low point of the property. From that spot, the muddy water flows into the nearest downhill stormdrain, via which it is conveyed into Sligo Creek

We know about today’s problem because the intrepid Maria Schmit once again documented the muddy runoff around 10am.

The silt fence ruptured at the same spot last weekend (see Maria’s photo below). At the time, we raised concerns to DPS (the County’s Department of Permitting Services), which agreed. So DPS asked the developer EYA to up its ESC game earlier this week.

But it was not enough. A few days ago, EYA’s contractor had back filled a large area behind the silt fence and then mulched and seeded the area to stabilize it. But this unfortunately left alot of exposed soil still creating muddy water pressures on the silt fence at the property’s low spot.

This morning, I immediately forwarded Maria’s photos to DPS. Inspector John Thrasher arrived at the site very quickly. The developer was already repairing the silt fence. Inspector Thrasher is requiring additional measures, since what they did earlier this week clearly was not enough. When will we have a rain storm in which Sligo Creek isn’t sedimented by Chelsea construction runoff ?