Water Watchdog Report

What: Muddy Water
Where: Kemp Mill Shopping Center
When: 2016-06-21
Reported By: Dana Best
Additional Details:

Noted continuing silted water flowing from storm drain outlet at rear corner of Kemp Mill shopping center near Shalom’s grocery store. Took photos of upstream and downstream effects and posted them to [email protected]
The source of the silt was found, and a silt fence was placed.

Dana says:
I think (but this is hearsay) that a Whiting-Turner employee (who was working at a nearby site) noticed a river of silt flowing behind the shopping center during a rain storm. He followed the silt to a pile of construction debris behind one of the stores and contacted Lindsey Willhide, a county Sediment Control and Stormwater inspector. Lindsey started the process of fining the store doing the construction. Meanwhile, I noticed the silt flowing into the creek and reported it through the water watchdog process. So Whiting Turner turns out to be the good guys in hard hats in this!

I don’t know who installed the silt fence, but according to an email from Lindsey, the fence went up in response to the threat of continuing daily fines until the fence was installed.

Photos by Dana Best

Photo of Source of the Silt

Photo of Effect of the Silt

Photo of More Effect of the Silt