Water Watchdog Report

What: Other - Water laden with concrete and asphalt
Where: Silver Spring Transit Center
When: 2015-06-19
Reported By: Anne Vorce
Additional Details:

Silver Spring Transit Center workers put water with concrete and asphalt down stormdrain; DEP issues Notice of Violation.

On June 19, 2015, Seven Oaks-Evanswood citizen Stephanie Subramanian noticed on her walk to the Metro that a contractor on the Silver Spring Transit Center project was discharging water laden with concrete and asphalt cuttings into a storm drain. This activity was report via the Water WatchDog email relay ([email protected]), even though the storm drain drains into Rock Creek.

On June 23, 2015, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection issued Highway and Safety Services, Inc. a Notice of Violation for violating the Montgomery County Water Quality Ordinance.

A big thanks to Stephanie for taking the time to report it to DEP and to Gretchen Ekstrom, the skillful DEP investigator who followed up and issued the citation.