Water Watchdog Report

What: Bad odor
Where: At the south end of the Piney Branch Road tennis courts parking lot
When: 2015-06-10 at 1:15 PM
Reported By: Ann Hobbs
Additional Details:

Reported to Water Watchdog email

From: Dan McCann, Environmental Specialist, MC Department of Environmental Protection

I stopped by this morning. WSSC is replacing sewer lines that run along Sligo Creek from Wayne Avenue to Piney Branch Road (where the tennis courts are). They have two 18″ pipes that are pumping the sewage while they replace the lines. At the south end of the tennis courts, the twin 18″ pipes are discharging back into the underground sewer lines. Since they are discharging back into the sewer lines, some of the odors can escape (attached photo). I walked the area between Wayne Ave and Piney Branch to see if there were any breaks along the twin 18″ pipes but did not see anything.