Water Watchdog Report

What: Muudy Water
Where: Bennington Tributary of Sligo Creek, Ellsworth Park
When: 2014-05-28
Reported By: Anne Vorce
Additional Details:

Muddy runoff from Ellsworth Park near downtown Silver Spring is going into Sligo Creek via the buried stormdrain system nearby every time we have a hard rain.

The Park Department is responsible.
EYA (the developer for the Chelsea Heights project) is doing a far superior job than Parks protecting Sligo Creek by controlling muddy runoff for the Chelsea construction site across the street.

I have been in contact with Parks several times over the past few weeks, right after a heavy rain. I was told that they have been exempted from some ESC (erosion and sediment control) measures (including trenches that might divert rainfall from spilling down the hillside) in order to protect the lovely trees on the hillside. Parks does not recognize that if too much dirt is carried away, the trees themselves will be destabilized in the end.

The expert hired for the community to protect Sligo Creek (Richard Klein) has advised us that the hillside can be stabilized, muddy runoff minimized, AND the trees protected.

I have emailed the Parks once again today to tell them that this is an urgent matter.