Water Watchdog Report

What: Muddy Water
Where: Bennington Tributary
When: 2016-03-30 at afternoon
Reported By: Anne Vorce
Additional Details:

Early afternoon, WSSC contractors drained muddy liquid from a hole they had dug into the nearby storm drain at Ellsworth and Bennington Drive. (The muddy liquid apparently came from an unexpected problem in the hole.) The storm drain was not protected and so conveyed mud immediately into the Bennington Tributary, some 100 feet away. This pollution report was sent to DEP through the Water WatchDog email along with photos. It was also sent to Ed Dress of WSSC, since it was a WSSC project. Ed issued a violation to the contractor immediately and protection was by in place for the storm drains by the end of the day. However, these remedies were too late to prevent the upper Bennington Tributary from being coated with mud, which will probably remain for awhile. Mud through this source discourages – if not kills – aquatic life in our streams.

WSSC Worst Practice – a photo album by Anne Vorce

WSSC Best Practice
WSSC secures bales of hay to protect the Bennington Tributary from possible muddy runoff in advance of additional water pipe work. This improvement was made after violations were issued for the previous work around the corner on Ellsworth, as pictured in the other three photos (“WSSC Worst Practice”).