Water Watchdog Report

What: Cloudy Water
Where: Between Maple and and Carroll, closer to the Carroll Ave Bridge
When: 2015-01-04 at 1:00 PM
Reported By: Lola Copinga
Additional Details:

Webmaster reported the event to MC Dept of Environmental Protection using [email protected] He reported to them the following:
This cloudy water came from a construction site at the top of the slope on the left bank at the Washington Adventist Hospital downstream from Maple Ave. I drove behind the hospital Monday morning and found that water was being used at that construction site which was cascading down the hill to Sligo. I went there this morning and found that the parking lot at the top of the hill was covered with ice.

Photos by Lola Copinga

Response from Dan McCann, MC Department of Environmental Protection
I made a site visit and met with Rochard Esche (HBW Group Construction) at the Washington Adventist Hospital. On Jan 5, his workers were in the area and broke a closed loop water line (thumb hole big) that circulated throughout the WAH property. Water was shooting up 20 feet into the air – you can see in my photo that everything in the area froze. They fixed the break pretty quickly but in the meantime, a good amount of water had escaped. This water ran down the hill and crossed the path and ended up in Sligo Creek.