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Invasive Plants in Your Backyard Join us via Zoom on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 8AM Many of us are making the most of quarantine by connecting more with our yards as we do spring clean-ups, plant vegetable gardens, and tend to our flower beds.  This is a great time to tackle some of the invasive plants that may have found their way into your yard.  Non-native invasive plants are not only a nuisance in your garden or lawn–when they escape to parks and other open areas they kill tress, crowd out native vegetation, reduce biological diversity and disrupt ecosystems. Our guests will be “Weed Warriors” Kit Gage and Jim Anderson from Friends of Sligo Creek ( Their presentation will cover the essentials of non-native invasive plants: why this matters, how to recognize and properly remove common invaders, what to plant instead, and where to find native plants for your yard. You will also hear about local training and volunteer opportunities. All are welcome. The program will be recorded live and will be available for later viewing on the TALLE website. Zoom Meeting Video Link: If you’re joining from the phone app use: Meeting ID: 387 972 672 Password: 227728 For phone dial-in (voice only): 646 876 9923 Meeting ID: 387 972 672 Password: 227728

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