Friends of Sligo Creek Board Meeting Minutes 8/31/2020

Conducted via Video conference

Attendees: Kit Gage, Sarah Jane Marcus, Wes Darden, Melinda Villanueva, Paul Chrostowski, Christine Dunathan, Mike Smith (note taker)

1). Website Update

Christine related plans for web site, which went live 8/22/2020. Shout out to Andrew Marcus for assisting with the go live process.

Next steps will include: improving site responsiveness in the mobile view, adding to the water quality tables, moving photos and other requested items from the old to the new site. She will be creating a webmaster standard operating procedures document to help identify opportunities for greater efficiency. She created the new FOSC YouTube channel, and Ed Murtagh has uploaded all FOSC’s videos. Her recommendation is to create a FOSC communications plan for coordinating the website, newsletter, Facebook and YouTube channels. Lastly, frequent updates are currently required for integrating Constant Contact and Salesforce.

2). Sweep the Creek Litter Event

Sweep the Creek “Independent Sweep the Creek” will be starting September 26th, 2020 and last for two weeks. Mike will work on text for kiosk announcement; Sarah Jane will see if she can get Andrew to provide a graphic; Kit will measure size limits for the Kiosk posting; and the announcement will include “send photos to [email protected]”.

3). Future Program Brainstorm

Program meeting brainstorm: a). “Parks for kids” – Kit for mid September b). PFAS – Paul for mid October c). possible future topic – stream restoration

4). Advocacy Update

The current priority is stopping Beltway expansion; need to engage more people to participate; Kit will work with Christine to put information on new web site; topic can be activated on FOSC listserv. Kit will go to next AWCAC meeting on September 8th.

5). Roundtable Retreat

Mike will create poll for Roundtable Retreat. Hopefully, it will take place in October. Some goals would be to review web site progress, review organization finances, and brainstorm program ideas.

Kit mentioned that the new improved Spanish language brochures have been ordered and are mostly paid for via grants.

— Mike Smith