Synthetic Turf on Ellsworth Drive in Downtown Silver Spring

Sept 3 Update:

The County Executive will hold a virtual Public Hearing on this issue on Monday, Sept 14 at 12 noon. Register to attend and speak here or through this QR code:

Or, written comments for consideration in this matter may be submitted to Tiara McCray, Property Acquisition, MCDOT, 100 Edison Park Drive, 4th Floor, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878, [email protected]

July 16 Update:

The MNCPPC Board declined to revisit its earlier decision in favor of synturf on the roadbed of Ellsworth Drive between Fenton St. and Georgia Ave.

See the FOSC testimony on this issue. Feel free to include parts or all of it in your own submission.

July 8 update:

The Montgomery County Planning Board gave its approval by a vote of 3-0 for installation of synturf by the developer/owner on the block between Ellsworth Drive and Georgia Ave. After the local neighborhoods raised important questions about impact of microplastic and air pollution on the creek, its wildlife, and the people who walk, sit, or play on the synturf, the Planning Board agreed to consider whether or not to revisit its decision at its upcoming meeting on July 16.